Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goodbye Hong Kong

Goodbye, Hong Kong!
Blue skies, skidding clouds
Bright green trees
Sun baking my back
dog poop
wet earth
warm concrete
lighted incense
Salty wind
on the estuary
with the tide coming in
water rising higher on the stone wall
every minute
Slippery slides I have to hold my breath
to let Anna climb
Gummies in big bins, $5
Godiva chocolate mint ice drinks
Winding through crowds
speed walking
Pressing onto trains
Holding tight to bus railings
careening around corners
Coming back up the hill with the
wide blue sky
uneven concrete
rotting-leaf-filled gutters
pin-pricks of rainbow lantana
folded red hibiscus
Cold cream soda
through a flimsy straw
easily chewed up
Waffles in a brown paper bag
Malls glowing
glitzy, glamorous,
snapping photos infront of
shiny balls, lights, velvet
Cha siu bao
in clattering, chattering
Inward aching
Goodbye, Hong Kong
until we meet again

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