Friday, February 13, 2009

I Hope I'm Wrong

I may be wrong about this, and I hope I am.

Tonight Aaron and I are going on a date.

Here's the scary part: I think it's the first date we've been on since last summer when Aaron's parents and sister watched our kids and we went to Walla Walla for our 9th anniversary. That was in July.

And now it's February.

I mean, we were together alone in the car (with the driver) when we went to the hospital in September so I could give birth to Sophie. I clearly remember Aaron holding my hand and timing my contractions. But talking in between contractions doesn't constitute a "date", does it?

After she was born we had a candlelight dinner (provided by the hospital -- gotta love getting pampered at Beijing United Family!). But I don't think that was technically a "date". I mean, insurance paid for it. When insurance pays, can you call it a date?

We have hired babysitters in the last seven months. But they weren't for dates. They were for team meetings and small group and school functions. Oh, and Teppanyaki with a bunch of friends. But those things don't count as dates, do they?

I know this is an incredibly lame post. I guess the good thing is, I've recognized the problem and that's the first step to change. Right?

So, on that note, Happy Valentine's Day!

(And, no, Aaron and I aren't going to wear our matching TIS basketball sweatshirts to dinner tonight. We're not that lame.)

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