Monday, March 9, 2009

The Rigmarole II

More mundanity (a word that may conveniently rhyme with insanity) from the Sonnichsen household....

Woke up this morning. Dashed around getting Livi and Gabe out the door for school. Once this was completed I looked around the house. Complete disaster area. I was out late quilting at a friend's house last night, so I didn't really do my usual "tidy up" routine before heading to bed.

Sophie woke up and I changed her clothes. Her diaper had leaked a little on the side, so I had to change everything, even the onesie.

I put her in her ultrasaucer and tried to start tidying. After all, it was Tuesday morning.

A little while later, Sophie started to fuss. Picked her up and smelled the poop smell. Carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on my unmade bed. Didn't even check her back.

Note to self: Always check a poopy baby's back before laying her down on the bed.

Realized very quickly that Sophie had pooped up her back. So now there was poop all over the clothes I'd just dressed her in, and all over the sheets ... and as I removed the sheets, all over the mattress pad.

Ran bath water. Anna walked in and wanted to take a bath with Sophie. Great!

Anna stripped off her clothes.

I started the dribble-dribble of water. (We love living on the sixth floor, but lack of water pressure is one of the downsides.) Anna jumped in and got out her cups. Favorite game lately is standing in the bathroom filling up cups of water and emptying them out into the tub, or setting them in a row on the side of the tub. Free entertainment for hours.

Stripped off Sophie's clothes. Wiped her down as best I could with a wet wipe. Carried naked baby into the bathroom and sat her in her bath ring.

I love her bath ring. I think it would be next to impossible for her to drown in the tub while in the bath ring. With this in mind, I felt comfortable leaving the two girls in the tub (with about an inch of water, due to the dribble-dribble and all the cup-filling) while I pulled the sheets off the bed -- and the mattress pad -- and started the washing machine.

Came back in to check on the girls. Anna's sitting there with an empty bottle of baby body-and-hair wash.

"Mommy, I wanted bubbles!" she said, as soon as she saw me.

Of course, she'd used the last of our baby body-and-hair wash to get bubbles.

Anna got a stern talking-to. The only thing that saved her from a bottom slap was the way she looked up at me with her big eyes and said, "Sorry, Mommy. I didn't know."

Nevermind that I've told her about ten times to ask me for bubbles and not to try to make them herself. Call me a softy.

As I started washing Sophie, I realized that most of the baby body-and-hair wash had been poured on the side of baby bath ring and was now all over Sophie's arms and hands and in her mouth.

The bathwater was also extremely slippery. I tried to wash Sophie, but rinsing her just made her soapier. Soapy Sophie. Ha!

Took one of Anna's cups (much to her chagrin), stood Sophie up and rinsed her with clean, dribble-dribble water that could not decide on a consistent temperature.

Carried Sophie out, hoping she wouldn't pee on the fresh sheets I just put on the bed. Dressed her. Put her in ultrasaucer, crying.

Rinsed Anna. Got her out of the tub. She got dressed.

Looked at the clock. 8:30. Still in my pajamas. The house still a disaster area. Sophie squawling in the ultrasaucer.

Picked up my robe. Noticed saffron-yellow baby poop smeared on the collar. No idea how that happened. Added robe to towering pile of laundry.

No need to continue. You get the idea....


  1. loved this post! i think every mom needs to hear other moms' day in and day out stuff!

  2. yikes! what a morning!

    what does "rigmarole" mean? i'm assuming it's a literary allusion that i'm not familiar with...?