Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Day

Today's my 32nd birthday.

So far, it's a great day.

My kids drew pictures for me before they went to school.

I opened the birthday present from my mom and dad, which included three Cadbury Cream Eggs, all for me and only me. YUM!

Gabe sat on my lap this morning and cuddled with me. We sat for five minutes without talking and he didn't even wiggle. It was wonderful! Nourishment for a mommy's soul.

Aaron had planned a big surprise for me this last weekend. He was going to take me away for two nights in Beijing. Unfortunately, Gabe came down with mumps, so we had to scrap the plans. I feel so thankful, though, for my husband's sweet intentions. And to be truthful, I've been so tired lately, I think I like the idea of going better than actually going. Call me weird. I guess maybe deep down I'm a little bit of a homebody.

Yesterday it rained all day. The day before, a lady with a bullhorn was walking around our apartment complex announcing that a big storm was coming. Today was supposed to be the worst day; stores were planning to close, people were recommending that we stock up on food and vegetables. Yesterday our living room ceiling leaked all day. Plaster was falling down in big, sloppy chunks.

In true Y2K fashion, Saturday's bullhorn hype fizzled to nothing. Today it's gray outside, but not even raining. The temperature is perfect. So, in the spirit of birthday thankfulness, I can be happy for pleasant weather, too.

And thankful that my ceiling has stopped leaking. At least for now.


  1. happy birthday, my dear! i tried to call you this evening, but couldn't get through. i might not have had all the codes and zeros correct.
    sounds like quite an ordeal sinces i left (though nothing to do with my leaving, of course). glad you have so many things to be thankful for, in spite of the leaky ceiling and grey weather.
    love you!

  2. happy happy birthday to you sweet amy! i hope you get some me time, and know how much you're loved all over the world!