Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Contest week....

It's Thursday, not Wednesday. I got so excited about the Secret Agent contest going live on Miss Snark's First Victim last night that I completely forgot about my WIP Wednesday. Thankfully it's still Wednesday in the Americas.

This week I've been plugging away at my Valentine's novel, trying for 1000 words a day. I like having a daily, manageable goal of 1000 words. It helps me to draw a line in the sand and be self-controlled about how much I write. Otherwise, I have lofty ideals like, "I just want to finish this chapter!" and then I'm sitting at the computer all day, while the house gets dirtier and my children run amok. 1000 words keeps me moving along with the story, but I still have plenty of time for other (more important) responsibilities.

This is also the week for contests. I've entered three!

The first is the already mentioned Secret Agent contest. So far, I'm not doing too well. You can click here to read my entry and also what people think of it. I'm still in the raw stages of taking the criticism, so I'm not going to comment too much on what it's like to have your writing out there on public trial. But I will say, criticism is good. That's why I entered this contest. I want to know what I'm doing wrong. Also, once the Secret Agent leaves her comment, I'll have a peek into what a real, live agent thinks of my work. That's rare and invaluable. So, feeling like a dartboard is worth it.

The second contest is a one-line hook contest held by QueryTracker. Joanna Stampfel-Volpe is the agent who will be taking her favorite one-line hooks and awarding full and partial manuscript readings to a fortunate four (out of more than 300!). We find out who the winners are on Monday.

Contest number three is being held by The Knight Agency. They are taking three-sentence hooks, "Books in a Nutshell", and will award 20 of the best with manuscript revision, feedback, and possible representation. This contest is still open for submissions, so if you have an ms that's submission ready (that falls within their genre interests) -- go for it!

All right. Back to reading criticism, remembering all the while that it's a gift.


  1. Hey, I enjoyed the entry you sent to SA. I read some of the comments as well. Know that my tutor, which is like an editor, says some pretty hard things as well. But, they are always helpful. I've never put anything I've written out in a writer's circle like that. You continue to challenge me. =) Keep up the great work! I definitely think you have a great character for a story for that girl. I want to read more as well. =)
    Hope you get your 1000 in today!

  2. Obviously this post was written before the SA hit your entry. You go girl! Congrats on her positive feedback.

    Wow, from the sounds of it, you're going to be finished your next book before me. Guess I'd better get moving on it.