Monday, June 29, 2009

Query Funk

This morning Aaron drove down to Best Buy for the third time. This time he came home with an external hard drive with all our files on it. Yes, all our files. Pictures, lesson plans, and (yippee!) my novels.

The Geek Squad did it. They couldn't fix our computer. They still don't quite know what's wrong with it, but they did save our files (after a false start or two). And at this point, that's all I care about. Thank you Geek Squad!

So, now I'm able to query again. I sent one off right away this afternoon. The one I wanted to send in response to that honorable mention which seems like years and years ago, but was really only back in April.

I'm still waiting for the query funk to seize me like it had the tendency to do in China. Weird, crazy query funk. The this-is-going-to-go-nowhere-so-don't-get-your-hopes-up mind game and all the obsessive checking of email inboxes that goes with it. That's all part of query funk.

Hopefully I'm too busy to give in to query funk. Hopefully it's too beautiful outside, the air too clean, the swimming pool too beguiling. Hopefully my kids are too cute and my husband too wonderful.

Hopefully I can just work away on my WIP and not think too much about the queries I send out. Not fret too much about the rejections.

Hopefully I can keep my head screwed on straight so I can keep this all in perspective. Getting a book published is not all there is to life. Far from it. I can give it my best, do what I can with the gifts I have, and then I have to let it go.

Begone, query funk.

Can any of you writers out there relate?

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  1. Congrats, Amy, on the recovery of your files. And the best thing to do with the query funk, is to work on your newest novel. ;)