Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Happily Ever After

This is my last blog post from China. *Gulp.*

Tomorrow our Mac book is going back to school. Forever. And I will be blogless until we arrive in Prosser, Washington on Saturday afternoon Pacific time.


I didn't accomplish much of anything writing-wise this week. Too busy packing and sorting and discarding (and snarling out my frustration at having so much stuff!).

But I did make a decision. Even though I was too busy to sit down at the computer to write or edit my novel, I had plenty of time to think.

And I decided this: There's nothing wrong with a happy ending.

Absolutely nothing wrong with a happy ending.

So, I switched my alternate ending back to the original ending. I went from unhappy, horrifying alternate ending to happy, filled-with-hope original ending.

I'll see if the queries turn up anything when I get back to the States. If they don't, I'll keep working on my Valentine's Day novel (that still doesn't have a title). After all, according to Agent Janet Reid, you shouldn't even attempt to publish the first novel you write. She may be onto something with that advice....

I've come to the realization that at some point I need to stop messing with novel number one. All the tinkering in the world may not make it marketable. Only time and lots of queries will tell.


  1. Good luck with getting things packed up and finished, and have a great trip. I look forward to hearing more about your WIP.

    As for Janet's advice, oh, man, I think it's true for 95% of writers. I'm onto book number seven right now and I'm still learning, still waiting to feel as if I've perfected at least a big part of my craft. I still have an entire lifetime to go, though--as do you. :)

    Keep penning regardless! Cheers!

  2. Hey Amy. I happen to like your new ending. Oh well. Looking forward to critting your new novel this fall.


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