Monday, August 3, 2009

A Summer In Pictures

My crazy kids with their 2nd cousins, Alaythia and Isaiah.

Swing high, swing low, away we go!

Bathing beauties enjoying poolside popsicles:
cousins Grace, Anna, Olivia, & Abby

Gabe poolside

Aaron, Grandma Nai Nai, Great-Grandma Helen, & Sophie

Learning to plant seeds with Nai Nai

At Horsetail falls (on our 10th anniversary) where Aaron asked me to marry him almost eleven years ago.

On Dog Mountain
(some day I'll be embarrassed my glasses were that big)

Sophie's swimming attire

Anna navigating the Columbia with Uncle Garry

Fun in the new minivan (see Sophie's feet?)

Sophie's first time sitting in the grass;
she didn't mind.


  1. love these pictures! when does school start?

  2. You captured summer. Gorgeous waterfall!
    ~ Wendy

  3. great pictures! The rolls on Sophie's arms/legs are precious :)