Friday, September 18, 2009


A new friend told me about a book about Lasts. We're so eager to celebrate Firsts, we often forget to acknowledge Lasts.

It is more difficult to acknowledge Lasts, because so many times we don't realize Lasts are happening....

The last time your child runs to you with his arms open for a hug.

The last time she sucks her thumb.

The last time he sits on your lap and lets you ruffle his hair.

The last time she sleeps in your bed all night.

The last time she asks you to read her a story.

With Lasts, you wake up one morning, maybe several mornings later, maybe weeks later and it dawns on you, "My baby doesn't do that anymore."

So, today I'm honoring a Last. It's an easier one of which to take note, because it's all about a date and less about an accomplishment.

It's the last day I'm going to have a baby in my house. My baby Sophie, my last baby, turns one year old tomorrow.

Now I just need to make sure I enjoy every minute of kissing her sweet, chubby cheeks, because one morning I'll wake up and she won't have them anymore.

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