Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Dirty Laundry

I don't like to think I take things for granted. But I do.

Our washing machine was broken all week.

Today the Sears delivery men brought us a new one. So, I'm up doing laundry tonight.


You don't say "Yippee!" about doing laundry late at night unless you haven't had a washing machine for a week. And unless you have four small, messy children with lots of dirty clothes.

Actually, though, I have a confession to make. *Blush* I can't blame my children this time. I had to use the OxiClean liberally tonight, but it wasn't on their clothes. It was on mine.

I hate mystery stains. I must be a messy eater because I inevitably put on shirts -- supposedly clean shirts, mind you -- with mystery stains on them.

This morning I put on four shirts and all four of them were mystery stained. We were so short on clothes anyway, because of the broken washing machine, that I had to wear a shirt I feel like I've already worn every day this week. It's white, but it has a big brown fish on the front, so it must be at least partially immune to mystery staining.

Another reason to say "Yippee!" about doing laundry is that I'm using a brand new washing machine. Not just any washing machine, either. A washing machine that has four temperatures of water: Hot, Warm, Cool, and Tap Cold.

I love that there's a temperature called Tap Cold.

Because Tap describes Cold, and I love any washing machine that uses adjectives on their machines. Good job, Kenmore!

So tonight I'm washing all my OxiCleaned shirts on Cool water. Tomorrow maybe I'll use Tap Cold and see what the difference is.

Purr, I love laundry.

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  1. I'm cracking up here. This is great. :) I'm glad that you got a new machine and that you managed to catch up; I think I'd love laundry too if this were the case.

    Thanks, Amy!


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