Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Staying Positive

My husband and in-laws are all out in the living room watching What About Bob. And what am I doing, writing fanatic that I am?

Well, at this very moment I'm blogging. Duh. But before this very moment I was busy entering another writing contest. This time, it's to win a scholarship to an incredible agent-author conference in NYC. You can check out the rules here. Oooh, I'd really like to go to New York.

Now that I'm entering this contest, I'm also scrambling with some finishing touches to the novel I'm entering: V-Day. I got comments back from writer-pal Florence last week. As always, she did a great job slicing open my novel and showing me the weak spots.

So I'm pecking away on third-round edits. Totally fun. Just as good as rollerskating. Maybe better. I'm getting everything ready so that maybe, just maybe, IF I win, I'll have something fabulous to show those NY agents.

I know it's a big IF. This business is ruthless. And there are hundreds of great books and fabulous ideas out there. But you never know. I have to keep trying, because Nothing will happen if I quit.

Right? Of course right.


  1. Great point. Nothing will happen if you quit. And to stop writing would be like giving up a limb, right? Or at least that's how I feel.

    Best of luck with the contest! And oooh, I haven't been rollerskating in years. Sounds fun.

  2. I'm so glad that you put us followers in front of your family. ;) Hope this round of edits goes very well, Amy. Let me know if you ever need another beta reader to give you a cold read.

    And, most importantly, best of luck with the Bksp scholarship. I wish that I had the time to go to NY this year, but it's just not possible.

    Have a good weekend! Cheerio!