Sunday, November 22, 2009


Every baby goes through this stage, but that doesn't make it any less of a milestone.
Now that Sophie's walking, I can't take normal pictures of her anymore.

She sees me with the camera, stops whatever photograph-able thing she's doing, speed walks over to me and tries to grab the camera out of my hands. She likes to see herself in the screen.
That means all her pictures these days are close-ups. A quick snap before she can reach and disarm me.
In addition, she knows how to open up the plastic craft bin under Gabe's bed. And take the lid off markers. And, apparently, apply "lipstick."

I also noticed when I got her up yesterday that she has a neck. A neck! When did my small, chubby baby grow a neck? I always knew it was under there somewhere, hiding itself. But when did it make its public appearance? Somehow I missed the actual day.

Sigh. My baby's growing up too fast.

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  1. aww... I feel for you. she will ALWAYS be your baby, though... i have to keep telling myself that about the little guy at my house... miss you all! hugs to olivia from Sarah.