Monday, November 2, 2009

Firsts: The Pumpkin Patch

(Anna's overly-sensitive sniffer was greatly offended by the smells at the pumpkin patch. She spent most of her visit plugging her nose -- even through the hay maze.)

A couple weeks ago, Anna, Sophie and I went to the pumpkin patch with Gabe's kindergarten class. Confession: I'd never been to a pumpkin patch before.

I'd never taken a hay ride.

I'd never wandered through a corn maze.

Don't feel sorry for me. That's just part of the trade-off of growing up overseas. Instead of going to the pumpkin patch as a kid, I celebrated Octobers by burning my fingers on candle wax and cavorting in the light of the full-moon carrying a fancy paper lantern during Mid-Autumn Festival.

I was not deprived.

Still, I was excited about our first trip to the pumpkin patch.

Here's Gabe's kindergarten class. (Gabe's the kid in the blue hat, front row.) Miss Skyles is his teacher. Hint: She's the grown-up in the picture.

Here's Gabe roasting a marshmallow -- and Anna wishing she were in kindergarten so she could roast a marshmallow. "Don't worry, honey. Your time will come ... soon enough."

And below are the kids on the hay slides.
And of course you can't leave the pumpkin patch without a pumpkin. Here's Anna with hers: "It's just my size!"


  1. Oh my goodness, these pictures are just too cute. You captured even a plugging nose memory. :D
    ~ Wendy

  2. Love seeing pictures of your photogenic kids, Amy! Great to hear a new perspective!

  3. I'm glad you got to experience you first pumpkin patch with your kids ~ way more fun that way~!


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