Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cowboy Church

Tonight I got to sing a couple of duets for the Cowboy Church.

I'm not kidding.

There is such a thing as Cowboy Church.

I didn't know it was Cowboy Church when I showed up, but many of the performers were there in boots and spurs and when they prayed the congregation removed their Stetson hats.

They talked about trusting in God, loving America, and believing in the right to bear arms. All in the same breath.

That's Cowboy Church.

And here we thought when we came back to America from China that we were coming back to a monoculture where we'd never experience anything interesting or unusual again. We thought life would be predictable. Boy-billy-ray-cyrus, were we wrong! Show up to sing a couple Christmas songs at a venue, and you've got Cowboy Church instead.

Yeehaw hallelujah!

(Wish I'd brought my picture-takin' machine just to prove it to you.)


  1. LOL! who knew... good you see the uniqueness about the current culture you are living in as well! are there as many "classic america" moments as there were "classic china" moments? miss you!

  2. Ahh, you made me miss the old home place! Funny how we can live in such different worlds at various times in our lives. Did you experience some "culture shock" LOL
    btw, Merry Christmas!

  3. I love it. Did you swing a lasso too? ;)
    ~ Wendy

  4. Ha ha! No lasso swinging for me this time. Next time I'll be more prepared. Boy, I just can't get the cowboy twang out of my head, though.