Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Feel Famous (Sort of)

I'm excited.

I asked agent Kristin Nelson (who blogs at Pub Rants) a question about showing vs. telling in first pages, and she gave me a great answer.* Click here to read it.

In this series Ms. Nelson has been giving examples of first pages that caught her attention and led to her offering representation. It's a great series, so if you're an aspiring writer not already following it, I'd take a look.

*And I won't even hold it against her that she spelled my last name wrong. *wink* The name my husband gave me is long and complex and throws even the most seasoned telemarketer into seizures of terror.


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  2. You ARE famous! How cool to be featured on Kristin Nelson's blog! She practically broke the rules for your awesome question! Great question, great answer!

  3. Thanks, Kristin. Yeah, I felt that little thrill when I saw it there. My actual question was so long -- she edited it quite a bit, which made me laugh. Something else I need to work on: brevity. Thanks for the comment!

  4. That is what I was going to say: great question! And great way to start the day, with a cause for celebration. :)

  5. It took me years of writing to finally get showing vs telling. One day a light bulb went on in my brain. And then it all became clear.

    Kristin Nelson rocks. You are so famous now!!!

  6. Tee hee! Thanks, Bethany. And thanks, Nathalie, too. I'll look forward to the day when I truly understand this and can tell by instinct exactly what it takes to get the perfect balance.