Friday, January 29, 2010

A Painful, but Changing, Reality

I follow Helen Ginger's blog Straight from Hel, and today she invited a guest poster, author Matilda Butler, to her site to share some insights on publishing. Click here to read what she has to say.

If you have always *dreamed* (like me) of having a book published, read this first. Ms. Butler discusses the changing shape of the publishing industry and what it looks like right now. (And just a warning: it's a little scary.)

There's also a part two, which you can find here.

Forge on, ye faithful writers! And if you're feeling a little down after that link (especially the statistic that there are 200,000 books published each year), here's the view from the deck of my new house. This is what I see when I'm washing dishes in the morning and getting the kids' breakfast ready. Take a deep breath and enjoy. I know I do.


  1. Ooh, I want that view. I have a pretty good one, but yours is hard to top.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Matilda's post. I'm with you - it's one all new (and old) writers should read.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Ohh...Amy, beautiful view.....have to admit a bit jealous, here in Taipei. I get to see the mountains when the sky is clear...hahaha!

    Thanks for the link...

  3. Enjoyed reading the posts from the links. Thanks.

    Your view is incredible! It did make me take a deep breath.

  4. Thanks, Catherine, MaDonna, and Helen! I do love this view and I'm looking forward to seeing it through all the four seasons. I've heard it's especially wonderful in fall and spring. Eee! I already told MaDonna this before, but when we lived in China, our view was a huge, lighted trophy turning round and round on the roof of the Karaoke complex across the street from our apartment. That's what we saw when we looked out our kitchen window. So, this view is ... welcome.

  5. Wandered over here from Kiersten's blog and was looking back through your last few posts, and I read that Kristin Nelson post in which she answered your question! I even linked to it in a post this week because I was addressing the issue of showing vs. telling and liked the advice she passed on. Great question.

    P.S. What were you doing in China? I actually have a childhood friend whose husband may be transferred there...