Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rainbows and Other Randomness

On Thursday night, my kids saw their first American rainbow from our deck. I had to remind my son of the time he asked me, "Mom, are rainbows real?"

Then we saw the rainbow had a faint, but true, friend.

And, in unrelated news, this is what happens when you give a man a chain saw:

My darling hubby had a very productive day yesterday, chopping down all the dead arborvitae bordering our yard and also the dread (though admittedly beautiful-in-spring) apricot tree.

I think he enjoyed himself. He sounded like me when I'm on a writing binge: "Do you mind if I cut down just a few more trees before it gets dark?" My version is: "Do you mind if I try to finish just one more chapter before I come to bed?"

Happy Palm Sunday, everyone!


  1. What gorgeous rainbows! Where were these taken?

  2. Hi Caroline, I wish I were a better photographer. This picture doesn't do the rainbows justice. They were just gorgeous! We're in Southcentral Washington State. :)

  3. Hee hee. Patrick got a drill this weekend. Sunday afternoon post nap and (just) before our small group arrived, he got up five hooks we've been dying to get up . . . if you give a man ANY power tool . . . love it.

    Gorgeous rainbows!! Glad Gabe had such vibrant ones as an introduction to the very real promise they represent!

  4. Power tools are fun!

    Did you know that rainbows are circles when you see them from the air? There are a lot of pilots in my family.

  5. I didn't realize that rainbows also have nationalities....American Rainbow, Chinese Rainbow..... cool ! Love you blog. Please tell the kids NI HAO from us. We miss you all !

  6. I just came over from Sharon Mayhew's blog - I loved the comments you made on her contest entries, very helpful and insightful! Your chain saw story reminds me of the time my parents visited and my mom decided to trim branches off our Pin Oak tree. She just kept going and going until the poor thing was almost bare. Guess it's hard to stop once you get on a roll, just like writing.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, everyone. Yes, men (and sometimes women) with their powertools.... We could write a book. Maybe we should! ;)

    Myrna, I did not know that about rainbows being circles. That is amazing!

    Marilyn, I miss you, too! :( I thought my kids had seen a rainbow once before then, but then I remembered later it was during the summer when we were here in the States and the sprinkler in my in-laws yard made a rainbow. That's when I showed Gabe so he could see Rainbows were real. :)

    Susan, Thanks so much for stopping by and following. It's nice to meet you! I really enjoyed that doing those critiques over on Sharon's blog. Lots of fun. All the entries were great!

  8. Thanks for the rainbows, Amy. And rah, rah for husbands getting out there to do yard work!

    Myrna, rainbows are circles from the air? Wow, you learn something new every day...