Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Links and News

A few quick things to take a peek at this lovely Tuesday evening:
  • Literary Agent Kate Testerman really did change her submission guidelines! (No April Fools joke this time.) Click here to read about what she changed and why.
  • The same Kate Testerman is hosting a hilarious contest where her readers post their most embarrassing writings from their teen years (living proof that most teens can't write!). I've already posted my doozy of an entry in her comments, but there are still crazy ones pouring in. I'm sure you have something embarrassing hidden in your bottom drawer to share, too. Check it out and/or enter here. (Please note: The prize is pretty fun!)
  • I'm planning to enter the Dear Lucky Agent contest on Guide to Literary Agents. Click here to read the entry requirements. Anyone else thinking of entering?

That's it. Hope today's Story A Week story didn't freak anyone out. It did turn out kind of weird. Scraping the bottom of the creative-juices barrel at the moment, unfortunately.

Have a great evening!

1 comment:

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