Friday, April 9, 2010

Mini-post #3: Fill in the Gaps

I posted last night on the Fill in the Gaps project blog, just to give an update on my progress. Click here to read it.

Is anyone else doing this challenge? Or are you involved in another reading plan?

I personally love having a list of books to read. It helps me to be more deliberate & thoughtful about what I put in front of my face.


  1. Amy, thanks for the reminder that I need to do this...I think it will part of my get the list made up. HA!
    Question for did you go about making your list? Where did you start looking and getting book titles?

  2. I don't have a reading plan, I read the latest books to come out and sprinkle some older ones in between them. Maybe if I made a list I would get more books read.

  3. MaDonna, I looked online at different book lists. For instance, I'm reading a ton of Newbery Award winners. I also checked a site to see which books were teen's favorites. Then I had some favorite authors I wanted to read more of. There were also a few classics I sprinkled in for good measure. While we were in China, most of what I read were classics because that's what I could buy at the book stores in Beijing, so my reading "gap" was really in YA and middle grade lit. Since I write those genres, I knew I needed to read more. :) Let me know if you decide to do a list!

    Catherine, I think it's great to have a list. This is my first time trying it. It's a long committment -- five years -- and I do feel a little guilty when I read a book outside my list. But then I remind myself it's supposed to be FUN, not like homework, and I feel better. :)