Monday, April 5, 2010

Poor Me

I was running to get the phone today and smacked my baby toe on the leg of our ottoman. Now it's all swollen and bruised and painful.

I think I broke it, dang it.

That means --
  • No ballet today
  • A lot of slow limping around the house after toddlers
  • I'm managing a lot of anger at myself for being so clumsy

My mother-in-law just came to the rescue with medical tape so I could wrap it up. It actually hurts to have the tape on. I'm kind of a wimp, I guess.

I wonder if this will give me a reason not to have to cook dinner or perform any household chores. Maybe I can just sit in bed with my leg elevated and work on my WiP edits.

Ha! I'll keep dreaming.

Now off to find the ibuprofen. If that doesn't work, I'll try intensive chocolate therapy.

Is anyone else currently suffering from stupidly-acquired, painful injuries? (I hope not!)


  1. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This upsets me. I am not injured, but tired because I've been baking / cooking all morning. LOL I kinda forgot I now have to go dance for 4 hours. I may need to break out the ibuprofin as well. Hope it recovers quickly so you can come back to ballet!

  2. Amy--I broke the end of my little toe into pieces. I had to have surgery to remove one of the shattered pieces. It was toe will never look the same. Take it easy and be sure and keep tape on it for a LONG time!

  3. No injuries at the moment! I hope your toe feels better soon. :)

  4. So sorry to hear this...I have had too many of those moments to count. Hope it heals quickly and I officially give you permission to baby yourself as much as humanly possible till it's all better. :)

  5. Ouch, Amy. Not suffering from any stupidly acquired, painful injuries at the moment, but that's surprising, as I'm something of a klutz - or so my husband tells me. I just think inanimate objects spring into my path:)

  6. I broke one of my toes in October, playing soccer with Robyn. I hope yours feels better soon.

  7. Thanks so much for all the support, everyone.

    Nicole, I am so bummed to have missed ballet! How did your four hours go?

    Sharon, that sounds horribly painful. You poor thing! I'm feeling ultra-empathetic right now, even though I'm sure my toe isn't anywhere near as bad as yours was! How did you manage to break it so badly?

    Susan, Thank you! :)

    Tess, I'll tell my husband that you said I could baby myself. I'm sure he'll agree. ;) (Actually, it was bad timing since tonight was the NCAA finals, but tomorrow when he gets home from work ... let the babying begin!)

    Krista, Thank you. I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one who has to avoid inanimate objects that spring into one's path. Even today a chipmunk ran across the road right in front of my car. I know a chipmunk's not inanimate, but I didn't even know we HAD chipmunks around here, so it was equally annoying!

    Myrna, Ugh. I'm so sorry. How long did it take to feel better? (Dare I ask?)

  8. Intensive chocolate therapy--just my kind. ;) This same thing happened to me once when my husband and I were rushing for a quickie (I so did just write that). The toddler and baby were napping and well I was darting in the room and caught my toe on the door. Ouch. Broken. We still did what needed to be done. ;)

    Hope that was PG enough.
    ~ Wendy

  9. LOL, Wendy! You just made my day. I am laughing SO hard right now!! I'm proud of you for going through with it even with a broken toe!! That's admirable, my friend! Truly admirable!