Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WiP Wednesday: Did I Say Deadline?

I think I said a few weeks ago that I needed a deadline.

Well, I officially have a deadline. A self-imposed deadline. I registered for the SCBWI summer conference this morning (July 30 - Aug 2, if you're interested!). I also signed up for a one-on-one critique of my manuscript while I'm at the conference, which means I need to have the WiP in some sort of completed form and in the mail by June 9 (yes, of this year).

(Excuse me while I freak out.)

But honestly. What was I thinking?!?

So if my posts are short and sweet over the next month or so, you'll know why. I'm keeping my writing priorities straight. I'm slogging through edits on my WiP. Considering I'm only about 23 pages into my second draft, um, I have a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, Sophie has an ear infection, so I spent the entire day holding her. Can't afford too many sick days like this. Better make sure my kids get that memo. *wink*

Anybody else racing against time with a writing project? Commiseration, anyone?


  1. Yes, my sis just gave me one this afternoon. She's coming to visit next Thursday, and I'm sending my lovely mess home with her (so she can scribble on it). I need to make it less messy by then. If I'm not on here next week, I still love you.

    Good luck with your deadline and that memo to the kids. ;)

  2. That's a great conference. I've been 4 times and always signed up for the one on one critique and it was very helpful. Also, I would highly recommend the evening critique circles. They are a little free form but I made some long time friends at those meetings.

    what fun you will have!

  3. Myrna, Okay, you and I will both know that we still love each other if we don't write to many comments on each other's blogs over the next couple weeks. :) I hope your editing goes splendidly.

    Tess, I wish you were going this year! But I'm glad to hear that it's been such a positive experience. Thanks for the tip about the evening critique circles ... I hope we'll be at a conference at the same time some day. That would be so fun!! :)



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