Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day of Summer

It's officially summer in the Sonnichsen house. The first Monday of NO SCHOOL. And, as if to confirm it, the weather is scorching hot. The kids played in the sprinkler this afternoon with their cousins.

We'll see how this goes. I'm so glad to have the kids home ... and the slave husband, too. He got up first thing this morning and started doing laundry. I blessed him from where I lay on the bed, with Olivia on one side of me and Sophie on the other.

I don't have great expectations for writing this summer. I'm not sure how often I'll be blogging. I've decided to take life as it comes, relax, not require a lot from myself.

My goals are simple: spend time with my family and rest. And maybe get the house kind of cleaned up (though with four little whirlwinds running around, that's close to impossible). If I can fit other things in, then that's great. I'm going to write when I feel like writing and when it fits my schedule. I'm going to have fun with it.

That's my plan. What's yours? Does the arrival of summer change your life (and schedule) at all?


  1. Have a great summer, Amy! There are only so many years that you have your kids at home. My daughter and I are heading to our cabin in a couple weeks. I'll be sneaking over to the marina to check email and blog, but I know I won't be blogging as much either. My daughter is a writer too, so I think we'll spend mornings writing and afternoons swimming...

  2. Oh Sharon, that sounds perfect! Have fun! :)


  3. It changes everything. My hubby reminded me that we only have two more summers with our oldest before she's gone at college..and, they never fully 'come back' after that, do they?

    It hurt to hear, but it also put things in perspective!

  4. Summer doesn't change much for me (fortunately). Neither of my kids are in school yet, and even though the hubby's a teacher, he has summer employment, so they pay him to go in to work every day and sit in his office and plan lessons and stuff. It's a fabulous gig:)

  5. Oh, and I wish you as restful a summer as possible, Amy. I think you've got the right idea - just take everything as it comes.

  6. So far, I've been on the internet less. I'm happy to have the kids home though.

  7. This is the biggest transition summer I have ever had! David is staying in Bellingham for the summer, so he is officially launched into the world. After a short summer, Chris will be pursuing his graduate studies in Pullman. We'll still have Jonathan for a bit, as he will attend Clark this next year. Plus, the big REMO is in full swing.
    -Aunt Sandi :)

  8. Summer is the best time of year! Not for writing, but still wonderful. (Enjoyed your story in your post today)