Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Food Post

I love food.

My favorite food when I'm in Mainland China is Chinese food. Some of my favorites are stirfried eggplant (pictured), lamb kabobs, sweet and sour chicken, and broccoli and garlic.

Oh, but wait, there's also great Korean food in China, such as kimbop and Korean BBQ.

And they have the most amazing Teppanyaki restaurants in our former city of residence, too. Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking, similar to Bennyhana's. Bennyhana's, however, IMHO, is a weak comparison to the restaurants we had in our city.

My favorite food when I'm in Hong Kong is Hong Kong food. The one dish I'm thinking about right now is a beef fried rice noodle dish (pictured). I'm not even going to try to spell the Cantonese name. Okay, I'll try. It's something like gong chau gnau hau. Now say that ten times fast. And your tones are probably wrong. *grin*

My favorite food when I'm in America is Mexican food. I had a killer mondo burrito at Taco Del Mar this afternoon ... and in Prosser I'm in a love affair with our local taco wagon.

Now that my mouth is watering, I want to know: what's your favorite food? Does it change depending on where in the world you are? Please share!


  1. Have you ever tried Filipino food, Amy? My grandfather's Filipino, so we always ate adobo and lumpia growing up. It's positively heavenly. I should have you over sometime... :)

  2. Lovely post, although now I'm hungry! Eating will completely ruin the hour I of Taebo I just did. :(

    We love Oriental foods of all kinds too, but OMGoodness we LOVE Mexican food!

    ( I'm salivating!)

  3. Krista, YES, I love Filipino food!! HK has a huge Filipino population, and my parents have worked at several Filipino fellowships over the years, and they always made sure to feed us well. :) Yes, PLEASE have me over!!

    Sharon, I know, this post was torture to write, especially when I found those pictures! Uggh! I don't know why I did that to myself. And we don't have any really authentic Chinese restaurants anywhere nearby ... sigh.

    Myrna, No! I'll have to google it and see if they have them in my area. What's their specialty?


  4. OOo man this post makes me want to go back to HK again already!!! And I really miss Beijing food - yu xiang(?) eggplant, and YES, yang ro chuar - yummmmm. and most of all, i miss tou dou shi. i've tried making it at home a few times but just can't get it right!! Come to seattle so we can go eat in the internation district!!! =)

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