Friday, June 25, 2010

Genre Comfort Zones

I have written part of a story this week. I sat down on Thursday afternoon to write a short inspired by Christina's three words ... but half-way through I found myself mentally listing, so tired I couldn't sit up straight.

So, I laid it aside and fell asleep on the sofa ... woke up a little while later with a neck ache! (Note to self: Stop sleeping on sofas! Go to bed!)

That's where my story for this week sits. I love it, but it's challenging, mainly because it's more of a historical fantasy type thing and I'm out of practice writing that genre.

Some fantasy/paranormal writers have said to me: "It must be so hard to come up with increased tension in your story when you're limited to real-world problems." Well, not when you're used to doing it. For me, I find the imagination required for fantasy worlds or situations more challenging.

Do you have a genre comfort zone? Do some worlds come easier for you than others?

(And the main point of this blog post was supposed to be to tell you my Story A Week IS coming, I promise, before the week totally ends. I'm sorry it's late. Look out for The Demented King tomorrow, at the latest! I'll try to get back on the proverbial ball next week ... after ballet recital is over. *grin*)


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  2. We had our ballet recital last month, so I know all too well the craziness that you are experiencing!

    I am most comfortable in fantasy/paranormal genres. I love having the freedom to create off the chart problems while still having them grounded firmly in the midst of everyday life. But that's just me!

    Good luck with the recital!

  3. I don't think I could do fantasy at all. I don't read it either. I'm strictly real life, character based.

  4. I'm most comfortable writing YA time travel and romantic suspense. I've been fighting bouts of sleepiness, too. Must be the summer heat. :)

  5. Before college, I was all over the place. The first manuscript I ever finished (when I was twelve) was a globe-trotting action thriller. (Yeah. I know.) But the next book I finished (when I was eighteen) would definitely fall into the YA contemporary category.

    Then the idea that brought me out of my college-induced retirement was a YA (well, MG, actually, but I didn't know enough about the industry to realize that at the time) science fantasy. And that's pretty much where I've been ever since:)

  6. Fantasy is harder for me, but I love it.