Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP Wednesday: The Last Word

I did it! I did it! I finally wrote the epilogue for my WiP.

This book needed an epilogue. It needed a happy ending, but not an instant-gratification happy ending.

So now I'm done with my third round of edits. Still not sure if I'm ready for anybody to read it. I think I'll go over it a few more times myself, let it stew awhile.

In the past I've been so quick to send out my work, both to beta readers and agents. I get so impatient to see if it will sink or swim.

Because of this impatience, I notice BIG problems too late.

You may know what this feels like.  The BIG problems are the ones that slam into you in the middle of the night: "No! He would not have acted that way! Of course he would have done this instead...." OR "That would be a much better ending!"  You hate those moments when you're in the middle of querying because you know you've just ruined your chances with all the agents who have your stuff in front of them.

This book will slow cook. It's going to be as tender as can be before I send it out to anybody. When it comes time to query, I'll be a little more confident. If I get any requests I'll be able to respond without any speed-reading or last-minute editing. That's my goal this time around. My one and only goal.

I want to say: This is the best I have to offer.  If I get rejections, I want to know it's not because of poor writing or typos or a loosey-goosey plot.

How about you? Do you rush into the querying process, or are you content to wait for that as-close-to-perfect-as-possible moment?


  1. Amy, I think you and I could be writing twins - I know EXACTLY what you mean:) I've been taking my time with Bob for the same reason. I want to know the rejections I get are true rejections, and not something I could have avoided if I'd just taken a bit more time.

    And if you ever need a know who to ask:)

  2. I'm seriously slow about submissions...

  3. Congratulations, Amy! I'm not sure where I am. I haven't ever queried agents, so I'm probably on the slow end.

    But with my poems, some of them I've jotted down and sent off in the mail within hours. Yeah.

  4. I'm on my second manuscript. SO glad i never queried on my first and screwed up potential agents.

    I'm a waiter. My only problem is being such a perfectionist that I'm not sure I'll ever think the book is done and good enough to query on. lol. :)

  5. Esther VanderlaanJune 15, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    All my congrats!!!