Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fandango: Chores & Contests

We're easing out of summer into fall SCHEDULES.

Part of me loves schedules.

The other part of me Hates schedules.

My cousin-in-law, Natalie, blogged about chore lists the other day. Like a good little follower, I went to the website and actually felt all motivated for a minute to download the checklist.

Well, I've been doing the checklist for a week and a half now. Sort of.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to give me MORE TIME: more time to spend with my kids, more time to not feel guilty about my house being a mess. But I don't know. There are daily chores on the sidebar. They are about the only things I was accomplishing with any regularity before. The rest of the house went by this rule: if you notice it looks dirty, clean it.

I don't know if the check list has helped me or not. I can usually accomplish one or two things on the "extra" list every day, so I guess I'm doing more than I was before. Still, I have all those unchecked boxes staring at me. I just laugh at the ones that say, "Spend time on a craft/hobby." Yeah, I'll do THAT whether it's on my checklist or not. I'll write novels over scrubbing a green bathtub any day.

I guess my toilets are a little cleaner. My hand towels get changed more regularly. Maybe I'll be less embarrassed if surprise guests pop in.

But the list hasn't helped my clutter problem. Even though "Clear/Wipe kitchen counters" is on the everyday checklist, I never get them really cleared. I do wipe the parts of them I use for cooking. The other parts have piles of papers and toys and Sunday School crafts on them.

Oh well. I think we'll all live. Can I hear an AMEN?

But I'm going to stick with the list through the end of the year. Maybe it will get easier as time goes on. Maybe once the dashingly handsome sidekick and small geniuses are in school, I'll find myself checking off all the boxes on the list. Maybe ... maybe....

And now that my TRUE CONFESSIONS are over, it's time for FUN.

There are some awesome contests going on all over the blogosphere that you need to enter.

Molly Hall and Dawn Simon, two awesome friends I made at the SCBWI conference, are having book giveaways. All you have to do is follow their blogs and leave a comment. They are so fun, you'll want to follow their blogs anyway. And they're from Seattle, which is the second most beautiful city in the world (the first being Hong Kong, of course).

Krista V., my marvelous blog friend and one of my faithful critique partners, is having a really cool contest where you get to title her WiP, formerly named "Bob." She's getting ready to query that puppy and needs a snazzy name to match the snazziness of the manuscript. The prizes are pretty awesome, too. Query and first page critiques, and if the manuscript goes all the way to publication there are MORE prizes in store.

And I just came across this one today. Author T.H. Mafi (call me Tehereh) is giving away a hundred dollar gift card for books. We all love books, right? So I had to mention it.

Lydia Kang is having a 300's contest over on her blog. French milled soap and other yummies are up for grabs. Check it out.

And last but not least, Kelly Bryson is giving away a dollar, (yes, you read that right) a WHOLE DOLLAR, if you can guess what the dude in the picture on her blog is thinking.

Most of these contests end on Sunday or Monday, so you don't have much time. Forget the chores checklist and ENTER THEM. You could get RICH, get a great book in the mail, start smelling really good, or get a query critique.

If I missed your contest (sorry!), please feel free to mention it in my comments. And I hope you all get done with your work so you can dance the fandango tonight. After all, it's Friday!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Amy, and for the heads-up about all these other contests!

    Good luck with your checklist. My brother-in-law reminded us last night that he was coming to visit this weekend, and I was like, "Oh, no! I haven't cleaned the toilets! I haven't cleaned the sinks! The guest bed sheets need to be washed!"

    It'd be a lot nicer if I was just ready all the time:)

  2. since we're confessing.... i don't finish the boxes either. but mine are the other way around. i do the 'special chores' first and then try to get to the daily chores. cause all those things have to get done EVERYDAY? (not in my mind) and i know they'll be on my list tomorrow. :) but who knows when 'cleaning the windows' will come up again...

    love you!

  3. Great contests and links! Those job checklists just wear me out. I never could follow them either.

  4. Thanks for mentioning my awesome contest Amy!

    I thought about it after I posted and wondered if anyone would realize I was being silly, what with the lack of body lnguage and voice tone. I really am going to mail out a dollar, though. So don't forget to enter! lol

    I've done the schedule thing, but it works better for me to just invite people over regularly and frantically clean before they get there.

    Like tonight. I've been thinking about cleaning our playroom for the whole summer, and I have family coming into town tomorrow so I finally get it done in one marathon session. And good news- I found the library book I paid for a few months ago! Too bad I threw away the receipt and they won't give me back my money.

    Have fun scrubbing the toilets! Although, should you be doing that in your condition? ;)

  5. Amy--Take it easy! Hey I know Dawn S....I met her through Mark McVeigh!

  6. Amen. And those counters will get cleaned off eventually. Mine do.

  7. Hi Amy,

    It is such a small world. : )

    I was on Rachelle Gardner's blog this morning reading the six word memoirs, and your last name caught my eye.

    I grew up in Prosser and wondered if you might be related to the family I knew growing up there. You are. : )

    You sure have a beautiful family! It will be so fun to follow your blog.

    I also sent you a friend request on Facebook, and accidently hit send before I could add a note. I wanted to make sure I explained who I was before you saw that request this morning.

    Have a great weekend!
    Becky (Abshire) Avella

  8. Amen! My house is almost always cluttered and I hate it. But I hate not writing or blogging more so there it is.

    Thanks for the links and have a great time getting into the fall schedule--know I'm fighting the same battle! :o)

  9. Thanks for mentioning our contests and linking! So nice of you! And congrats! You already found out you won one of the books at my contest, but I wanted to remind you to send me your mailing address. :)

    I can sooo relate to the cleaning thing. I clean every day, but I inch around the house. I seem to need company to inspire the rare days when the whole house is clean at once.

    Have a great week!

  10. Yes, I can relate to company being a motivator. I need to have more people over, I guess.

    Natalie, thanks for the tip. I should try it that way instead. Makes more sense! :)

    Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone!


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