Monday, September 20, 2010

Two Days in Incomplete Sentences

*A post composed completely of incomplete sentences.*

Wonderful time at writing conference in Spokane. Love the Inland Empire.

Long drive home in the dark. Swerved around the freeway in the rain. Probably thought I was drunk. But no. Instead, attempting to swat large moth out the window of my car.

Back home. @3a.m. woke up with stomach cramps.

Yeah, you guessed it.

Stomach flu.

All day yesterday.

Which was my daughter's 2nd birthday.

Managed to make cookie dough cupcakes, but that's about all I accomplished.

Oh, yeah. Also wrote a card for her.

Trying to get caught up here, but might take a few days.

Your patience appreciated.

Now, stay well everyone!


  1. So glad you had a good time at the conference, and didn't get the flu until you arrived back home!

    Hope you're feeling much better by now! My youngest and I have birthdays one day apart, and a few years ago, we both got the flu (last time I had it, actually *knocks on wood*). It was terrible! Ruined everything!


  2. Love the post. I like incomplete sentences WAY too much.

    Hope you feel better. Yuck. Stomach Flu. No fun. (Just getting into the mood of your post!)

  3. :| Uh, guess I should point out that we got the flu ON our birthdays (it was the weekend, we were sick the whole time)!

  4. Jessica, OHHHH! That's horrible!! I'm so sorry.

    Janet, Thanks. :) Energy level is too low to pull off complete sentence. Won't be working on WiP today. :) haha.


  5. Oh, so sorry you were sick! But totally fun post. I kinda love incomplete sentences ;)!

  6. Glad you made it to the conference...I wondered if you would. I have two swerving stories for my conference too...

    I'm sorry you got sick when you got back...

    Feel better soon!

    Happy Birthday to your little one.

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon, Amy. And those cookie dough cupcakes sound great.

  8. Oh dear! I'm sorry it caught you. I hope you get feeling better soon!

    And, just wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog!

  9. Incomplete sentences unite! Sorry to hear about the stomach flu...that's the absolute worst.

  10. Poor thing! You really are wonderwoman, you know--pregnant, sick, and still managing to make cupcakes and go to a writer's cons. :o) I am in awe my friend, in awe!

    Feel better and good luck catching up!

  11. Well, ditto to the above comments. I'm so glad you were able to make it to the conference..hope you are feeling better and can catch up on all things faster than you expect! Can't wait to hear about the weekend, but will be patient...=)

  12. poor you and poor birthday girl! so not fun. continuing the incomplete sentence trend.

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