Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I'm Gone

I'm heading out for a few days. Some good friends of ours from China are in our state for a couple weeks, so we're driving over to visit them (and getting in a nice family visit with my aunt and uncle, too). Yippee!

That's why the blog will be silent.

But when I return, get ready for more Story-A-Weeks (because I'm still catching up), and I also need to accept and pass on some awards. I think Sharon gave me one about six months ago that I never accepted. I think about it every now and then and feel guilty. Terrible that guilt is so often my main motivator, but there you have it.

I'll leave you with a few snapshots of our recent life to enjoy in my absence. This weekend, for instance, is our town's annual Balloon Rally. Yesterday and today the early morning sky was filled with hot air balloons. I'm not a very good photographer, nor do I have a very good camera, but I tried my best. I know they look like little dots because I took these pictures from our deck. So you'll have to take my word for it: they were really very beautiful "live."

One balloon was decorated with stars and stripes, and my daughter Olivia started all the kids on a frenzy of "I pledge allegiance to the balloon of the United States of America...." Ai-ya-ya!


More balloons!

The planters by our front door. Aren't they doing well? They make me happy every time I come home. I'll miss them this winter.

The sunset, taken from our driveway.

Son and cat. Gabe and Midnight seem to take good pictures together. Maybe it's the male camaraderie.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Are you doing anything special?


  1. Enjoy and relax visiting with friends and family. Sounds wonderful! Loved the photos!

  2. Balloon Rally looked fun. And your planters are gorgeous.

  3. We DO have something special going on this weekend! Yippee!! See you guys soon. :)

    I like the balloon pics too--the dot effect and all.

  4. Have a fun time!

  5. Have a blast with your friends! Great photos. :-)

  6. I love the photos! Your son is adorable! And I got a kick out of Olivia's pledge. Hee!

    We're having a nice, low-key weekend. My friend and I are seeing a movie today, which I'm excited about!

    Have fun!

  7. Have fun, Amy! And I love your pictures. I always get sad after the first frost kills all the annuals. And balloons make me happy, too.

  8. You are SO a good photographer!
    The sunset one is a stunner, and even though the balloons look like dots, the picture conveys the atmosphere very well. And the view from your deck? oh so lovely.
    Hope you're having a nice break, I'm only catching up on visits after being sick.
    See you soon, Amy!

  9. That cat is way too frickin' adorable.

    Oh, I'm also a new follower. Hi!

  10. Hope you two are having a great time..I'm just now catching up with google reader...