Friday, December 10, 2010

FitG Update: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I jumped straight out of Octavian Nothing into Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which was on my Fill in the Gaps Project (FitG) book list. Talk about a contrast!

But Wimpy Kid is awesome in its own right. Click here to read my full review on the FitG blog, if you're interested.

I have a few other FitG books on deck to read, thanks to my local public library. I love you, library!

Here they are:

Vampire Academy isn't my usual reading fare, but with FitG, I'm trying to read out of the box. For me, "the box" doesn't include a lot of popular series like this one (or vampire novels, for that matter). I'm already more than halfway through and I have to say, I am enjoying it so far. It's entertaining and I'm learning a lot about plotting and heightening tension.  

I don't know much about The Brother Torres, but I think I found it on an American Library Association list and most of those books are amazing. So, I'm excited.

I've heard great things about Jellicoe Road, so I'm super excited to read it.
Have you read any of these? What did you think?

What's on your reading list this week?


  1. I'm reading "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella, recommended to me by a friend after I posted a message about how heavy "Possessing the Secret of Joy" by Alice Walker. Both books, and I can see how important it is to have heavy and lighter fare!
    For MG, I read Behemoth recently, and enjoyed it. Great pacing. Thanks, Amy! -Kelly

  2. Ohhhhhh my gosh, I LOVED Jellicoe Road so much. When I worked at the library they would have staff recommendations on the website and rotated to all the different branches each month. That was my choice when it was Prosser's turn :) Let me know what you think!

  3. Sounds like you're plowing through 'em, Amy! I still have to read DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. I've been reading some nonfiction about Queen Victoria lately (plus some older Neal Shusterman books), and I have BEHEMOTH waiting for me at the library. So many books, so little time:)

  4. Krista, Yes, so many books, so little time. Absolutely! You'll breeze through Wimpy Kid. It's such a fast, fun read. :)Oh, and I read your post on We Two. The book sounded cool, but it reminded me even more that I wanted to see that movie about the young Victoria.

    Ali - Oh good! If you liked it, I know I'll like it.

    Kelly - Yes, we definitely need both. I'll have to check out BEHEMOTH. That sounds interesting....

    Thanks for the comments!


  5. I haven't read any of those. I do own the Wimpy kid books! My kids love them!! Perhaps I should read them too!

  6. The only one I've read is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and it was great. Gotta love the cheese touch ;)

  7. I've got the first Vampire Academy book in my tbr pile. I LOVE the wimpy kid books. Gret job on the review!

  8. T. Anne - Just read the first one for fun. It's really short and won't take up much time. Tell me what you think. :)

    Myrna - I know! Poor Rowley. Blaagghh!!

    Sharon - I'll be interested in what you think of Vampire Academy. :) I've found I'm reading during the day when I don't usually read. (dangerous) Usually I read just before I go to bed and that's it.


  9. Yes: 'So many books and so little time'. I totally agree. I snatch a little reading time before bed :) I'm presently reading 'Little Women' for like the 14 billionth time.

  10. I'm reading Sold because this really cool blogger recommended it. : )