Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Update: No Baby Yet

I promised myself I would make sure I was really in labor before I ran off to the hospital.

Lesson learned: Don't make stupid promises to yourself. Sheesh.

On Thursday night I ran off to the hospital with contractions ten minutes apart. I got there and of course the contractions decided to stop being regular. (The nurse on duty said they put special oxygen in the air at the hospital to make that happen.)

From 12:30 (yes, A.M.) until 5:30 I was hooked up to machines, listening to my baby's heartbeat (fun!), my Dashingly Handsome Sidekick snoring on the couch close by, and the lady across the hall panting and screaming as she went through at least an hour of pushing her baby into this world. (I prayed for her a lot.)

I think it was the sound of the woman in labor that made my contractions stop. Seriously. My tired body said, "Oh, did I say we were having a baby today? Ha ha, just kidding!"

Anyway, back home I am.

Yesterday was the much-anticipated due date.

Due dates should be banned. I am a strong believer in due periods instead of due dates. I should have said, "Oh, my baby will be here at least by February...."

Then maybe people would stop seeing me and saying, "You're still pregnant?! And you're walking around?! And you're just going about your normal life?!"

Come on, I have four children. I don't have the luxury of holing up in bed until this baby is born. And even if I did, wouldn't that be boring? (Well, it depends if I could take my laptop with me, I guess.)

So, I'm eating a lot of brownies (thanks Dawn Shultz for that idea!) and just ... cleaning, enjoying life, blogging, maybe writing if I can focus enough, watching football playoffs (the Seahawks play today!), looking forward to Downton Abbey tonight (Baby is not allowed to be born during Downton Abbey, you hear that, Baby?), and excited that tomorrow is a holiday for my kids and the DHS (thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King!).

What's up with you? Or not up with you that maybe should be up with you? What are you waiting for?


  1. Ah this post brought back so many memories!! Waiting, waiting, waiting... And I look forward to the announcement! I hope you show pictures too!

  2. Sharon Mayhew and I were emailing and I said I'd make sure to post pictures and she said, "Of the birth -- or the baby?"

    Definitely JUST the baby. No birthing pictures, I promise. :)

    Thanks, Karen!


  3. I'll be praying for you! You're so right about due dates. I hate them. I was early with my first baby and late with my second--which seemed even LATER because I expected to be early again!
    I'm pregnant now and being specifically vague (how's that for an oxymoron) about the due date. Technichally it's "somewhere" in the end of June, but I'm telling everyone July 1-ish. Just getting over to that next month will make me feel better if Baby doesn't come in June!
    Just have fun and enjoy yourself if you can. Relax. Baby will come at just the right time.

  4. My babies didn't like due dates either. Guess they inherited running late from their mama. : )

    Today I'm feeling burned out from a very busy week and now that we're home from church, I'm planning on putting on some sweats and enjoying a gray, rainy day sleeping and reading. Hope you get some rest, too.

  5. I had one "on time", one early and one late. It's anyone's guess about this baby due in the spring!

    I had some false labor with my third baby and even called the midwife twice to tell her that I was in labor. Oops... :-)

    I hope that your little one arrives soon. :-)

  6. I had spicy food two days before my due date like the old wife's tale suggested. Five hours later I was in labor. However, I had spicy food two weeks before that and obviously nothing happened. ;)

  7. Oh how those last days drag on.
    Well, all 3 of mine were early (actually i had a very similar experience to your last night one with my first, complete with the screaming lady who kept me awake all night. I couldn't go home cos my waters had broken, but contractions stopped the minute I went into hospital.
    I think it's fairly common, and agree re your tired body.
    Well, Amy, best of luck, will be thinking of you in the coming days, sending positive vibes to you, and looking forward to seeing photos of baby (yes, not the birth!). Have a nice holiday!

  8. ps forgot to say I'm really excited at the prospect of your new baby, so can't imagine how it must be for you!

  9. What an exciting time! Best of luck with everything and I can't wait to hear the big news when it happens!

  10. Amy, I pray for you every day and this post made me laugh. Baby will come when it's time. Such an exciting time.

    As my midwife told me, it's a whole lot easier to take care of the baby inside the womb than outside, so don't be in a hurry, when my husband and I were overly excited and ahem, making love, to speed things up.

    Can't wait to hear the announcement ... if there's a lull in the blogging, I'll know.

    As for me, I'm waiting for laundry ... and speaking of laundry, I'd like to recommend a slim gem of a book by Kathleen Norris titled: The Quotidian Mysteries -- Laundry, Liturgy and Women's Work. I think you'll enjoy it very much.

  11. Congratulations, Amy! Can't wait for pictures of my new great niece!
    Love, Aunt Sandi :)

  12. Maybe the woman in the other room terrified your baby! Who wants to enter the world with all that screaming? It terrified ME during childbirth, and I'm the mother!

    Crossing my fingers and saying prayers for you and your family. And brownies...not a bad way to wait!