Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good News, Bad News

The good news is: I'm hosting a contest tomorrow! You could win an autographed copy of an amazing new book.
My beautiful mother with Naomi

The bad news is: My mother, who has been here for almost three weeks, is leaving tomorrow. Since she's been doing all my laundry and housework, not to mention providing unparalleled moral support, you could say I'm about ready to hit the panic button at the thought of her leaving.

So come back tomorrow and enter my contest. You'll not only get a chance to win a great book, but you'll cheer me up as well.

More tomorrow....


  1. Awwww . . . what a sweet baby! Congratulations! And I'm so sorry to hear your mother leaves tomorrow. I know that panic feeling all too well.

  2. Aw, losing that strong support is so hard. I am so blessed to have many family members nearby.
    But Naomi is growing beautifully! And I'm looking forward to the contest. :)

  3. I hate it when the grandmas go home! They are such a big help!

    Little Naomi is so sweet, Amy. Oh, and I'm looking forward to the contest:)

  4. I cried when my mom left after my second child was born. Can't imagine how you mothers with more than two do it! You will, though. One moment at a time.

  5. Oh I have missed too much here. What a sweet little Naomi!

    ~ Wendy

  6. So hard, but Naomi is adorable!

  7. Love the picture!

    Holding a contest? What a way to fight the blues, though! Blessings and strength to you!

  8. What a sweet photo ... I'd love to see a multi-generational photo of the three of you together.

    I'm sorry your mom is leaving. Please let go of the things that don't need to be done. Remember to take naps with Naomi.

    Praying for strength and comfort and unexpected help from neighbors.

    And I'm looking forward to your contest.

  9. Such a sweet picture! Sorry your mom is leaving--don't panic, though. :o) Use your neighbors.

    Good luck!

  10. She is just adorable! If I had her, I'd ignore housework and just hold and kiss her all day long. That cute little nose, and the beautfiul skin!
    I never had my mother when I had my babies (she had already died) and I missed her. I still remember the horrible feeling when hubby was going back to work and i was left alone, but one hour at a time, you will get through it.
    Dare I say? Try not to overdo it, take up any offers of help that you get.

  11. I totally remembering panicking when my mother-in-law left after my son (our second baby in 15 months) was born. The funny thing was, it was almost easier to do it on my own, because then I stopped worrying about what would happen when I had to do it on my own. Does that make any sense? Good luck!