Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is an exciting day because:

(1) My baby is one month old

edible, yes?
(2) I just mopped my kitchen floor

(3) I am getting my hair cut

Considering it's been about two months since I last mopped my kitchen floor (I know, ew...) and one and a half years since I last got a hair cut, all three points are definitely reasons to celebrate!

Go celebrate with me by entering my LEARNING TO SWIM CONTEST here, if you haven't already. You could win a hard cover copy or a Kindle of Sara J. Henry's debut wonder novel. Contest closes tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I remember how getting a haircut was a super wonderful thing, almost like a vacation, during those days of being a new mom.

    She is so beautiful! I love babies!

  2. Oh Naomi! What a precious baby girl. So beautiful!!

    Enjoy your "me" time when you get your hair done.

  3. Mopping the floor is a definite accomplishment when you have a newborn and other kids in the house!

    She really is sweet!

  4. Oh my goodness! She's a month old already? What a sweetie!

  5. Good for you, Amy! I'll take Teish's comment a step further and say mopping the floor is a definite accomplishment, period:)

    I could use a haircut, too. (And I could stand to mop the floor, but that's another story.) A good friend of mine used to cut my hair, but she moved to Boulder City last May, and I haven't had a haircut since. I need one, though. Hair is way too long...

  6. goodness that is one precious baby girl. Only four weeks out and you're mopping floors? that's impressive! Don't cut too many of those curls off...they're gorgeous.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes long periods of time between haircuts and mopping the floor.

    Your Naomi is so beautiful!

  8. Amy, your baby is beautiful! Gorgeous. I'm a sucker for babies. Onto the grandchildren type now.

    We just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Congratulations!!! Thank you for being incredible! XOX Karlene

  9. She is so beautiful!
    Getting my hair cut is always a semi-traumatic event for me ;) but I bet you look gorgeous. (Cuz, you know, you have to match that baby!)

  10. Naomi is absolutely beautiful! So serene.
    Mopping the floor is a definite achievement with a baby and other children. You deserve a hairdo after that. Enjoy!
    And have a lovely weekend.

  11. Oh, how big she is now! And so beautiful. Haircut? And mopping floors? I'm impressed ... I have no baby, yet I've done neither of those things in quite some time. Dare I admit these things in public? I'd love to see a picture with your new look.