Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I woke up this morning and discovered we had no internet connection.

But perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

During naptime (theirs, not mine) I actually pushed through and finished my big edit instead of fluttering around reading blogs and obsessively checking the comments on my first 100-words for Sharon Mayhew's awesome contest. (The feedback has been so helpful so far. One commenter even pointed out a huge typo in the second sentence that I missed every time I read it. If you click over, please know I mean my main character can devein a shrimp in five seconds, not five minutes. Five seconds is admirable. Five minutes is ... slow.)

It was a strange day. More than once, when I had a few moments to spare, I found myself wandering into the office to check my inbox. I'd look at the computer and remember I had no connection and wander out again to find something else to do. Which meant I had a more productive day than normal. At least, the house is a bit cleaner.

And I did mention my edit is done, didn't I? Time to break out the bubbly!

It's funny how dependent I am on the internet for my social interactions. When was the last time you disconnected? Was it by choice? Did it feel as weird for you as it felt for me?


  1. In Vermont, the power goes out often, and my laptop has a one-hour battery life. The last time it happened, it was amazing how much writing work I got done in that one hour, and it was a good lesson to me - to de-Twitterize my brain occasionally, turn off the wi-fi, and work as if I have only one hour to get the job done.

  2. You're making me think that I need to disconnect . . .

    And congrats on finishing the edit!

  3. Amy, I usually taken a Lenten break from Internetty things but something told me to check up on you ... I'm so glad you sent in your application to the wip grant and that you have a wonderful, understanding husband, who not only orders pizza but gets you a drink as well.

    So, even though I'm quiet, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I both love and hate no internet days.

    You are amazing how much you get done with kids, new baby, blogging, writing, and etc. So kudos to your fluttering--it works well for you.

    P.S. I LOVED your entry at Sharon's.


  5. Great work today! You have been busy. I wish I could get that much work done. My novels are on hush mode presently.

    (Part of that adds up to my great ideas that get written down and the old ones never get finished)

  6. I can so relate to this. Like you I depend on the internet for my social relations. I like how you put it, rather than I'm *addicted* to the internet :) I'm needing to unplug some for sure.

  7. I'm in the contest too, but I skipped over yours and critted the later ones that didn't have as many comments.

    Five minutes? You haven't seen my daughter eat broccoli. Five minutes would be fast for her. Same deal with shrimp. She hates them (not that she's ever tried one). ;)

  8. I was so excited to get a peak at your book. I'm so glad it is set in China...I was hoping it would be. : ) I can't wait for more!

  9. Yay, for finishing your edit!!! That's great news, Amy!

  10. Horray for finishing your edit! That's grest news, Amy! So....what's your next step--queries?