Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am I Insane?

The dashingly handsome sidekick (DHS) is going to football camp in Boise, ID, and since I'm madly in love, I'm following him ... and dragging our five kids along with me.

I have this habit of going with my DHS on trips whenever I can. If I'm allowed to go and we can afford for me to go, I go. And the kids come too, of course.

When we lived in China, I got sort of a reputation for following my husband on insane trips. The one I took every year was to a seaside town called Qingdao. At our school in China there was no American football team, so the DHS coached basketball. The big basketball tournament between our network of schools was in Qingdao, so we'd take an overnight train there and back, and I'd always go with babies in tow.

I won't mention how difficult this trip was-- traveling all night there and back with a host of high school and middle school students, with a night in between at a Qingdao hotel. I won't mention the time my son fell out of second-story train bunk bed on his head, or the mad rush to get off the train at our destination because we only had two minutes to get EVERYONE off the train, including all our baggage and fifty-plus sleepy students (not to mention my slumbering infants).

Those were the days, I tell you. I was young and brave and incredibly fit. I had to be, hauling children and bags off a train at four in the morning. (Good grief! What was a thinking?) 

Now that we're back in the comfortable United States, I'm keeping up the tradition by following the DHS to Boise State University football camp. In America we do things the easy way, though. No overnight trains, just a packed up mini-van. My mother- and father-in-law are also going, as is my sister-in-law and her brood, and a close family friend and her daughter. We're all staying together in a hotel. A hotel with an indoor swimming pool that's walking distance from the Bronco stadium.

Should be a blast!

Apparently there's a WiFi at the hotel, so I shouldn't be out of touch ... but just in case, see you Sunday!

And just out of curiosity, do you think I'm crazy?


  1. Not crazy, just brave & dedicated.
    ~ Wendy

  2. no...at least not as insane as me. matt and i decided yesterday afternoon to take a road trip to the west coast...and we're leaving friday. just can't be away from family any longer. 2300 miles, 3 kids, 4 days. it's worth it right???? we'll be in the NW beginning of july for a couple weeks...and chance we can see you and your brood?

  3. Wow, I bet a swimming pool, wi-fi, a mini van, and extended family along would have drastically changed the climate of those QD trips!

    Unless it involves a major time zone change, I'm all about accompanying the husband on trips, too. :)

    (Patrick's last Atlanta trip was 7 days, and packed back to back. I was figuring I'd be a single mom that week anyhow--why toss jet lag into that mix?! We stayed put.)

  4. Not insane at all! Have fun and enjoy it!

  5. You sound like you're up for anything and everything. I love it. Have fun, kid.

  6. Um, yes, what WERE you thinking?! Ha ha, I can't answer your title question! :)

  7. Have to admit I did think that perhaps you were a bit crazy until I got to the end. This sounds more like my type of holiday. Enjoy:-)

  8. You can't title a post "Am I Insane?" and not make us all wonder:)

    My DH travels a lot. We've followed him before but hotels with kids are hard...as you must now know. Good luck! The sleeping arrangements for 6 of you must be a nightmare.

  9. Not crazy.. just adventurous. It sounds like a ton of fun! Family, pool, kids, WIFI. Who wouldn't want to go!?

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