Monday, July 25, 2011


So many freakin' awesome comments to the last post! It just reminds me how awesome and encouraging and wonderful you all are. Thank you!

In other news, I want to tell you about something strange going on in our household.

I think the dashingly handsome sidekick (DHS) and I have sort of traded identities. It's weird.

Get this:

I am currently (temporarily, I hope) addicted to playing a game called Angry Birds.

And the DHS is addicted to a series of books. FICTION, no less.

Yes, you heard that right. The DHS, who is almost exclusively a non-fiction reader, is entranced by a work of fiction (I mean, he is literally reading every chance he gets) and I am enthralled by a game of strategy in which I shoot little birds at ugly, green pigs.

We have traded brains, I tell you.

Can you guess what series of FICTION he is addicted to?

I'll give you a hint. It's YA (young adult). That's all you get.

Give it your best shot in the comments. (Get it, SHOT? Because I use a sling-shot to shoot birds at pigs in Angry Birds.)

Now I'm going back to beat Angry Birds level 3-21.

If you were looking for something deeper from me tonight, go and read the comments from the last post, because I have some seriously smart and thoughtful commenters who clearly use their brain power to contemplate deep things and write amazing masterpieces while I waste my time on Angry Birds.


  1. I'm guessing that your DHS picked up The Hunger Games. Am I right?

  2. I'm guessing the DHS is consuming Harry Potter. Enjoy your game but please don't introduce me to it. I have enough trouble tearing myself away from the tame but strangely addictive Spider Solitaire!

  3. I was going to guess the Hungar Games, too.

    Angry Birds is addictive!

  4. If it's the hunger games, that's funny cos one is on the table beside me; my 18y/o daughter is reading it at the mo!
    Missed the last post, so scrolling back now.

  5. Think I'm the 3rd one to think Hunger Games, but maybe just for fun I'll go with one of Sarah Dessen's just to mix it up. Ha! I so can't see that. Fun playing though.

    Thanks for your FB message!
    ~ Wendy

  6. I tried out Angry Birds and wasn't doing very well when my four-year-old son asked to try. He beat the level that I'd been struggling with on his first try. Crazy, I tell ya!

  7. Please, tell me he's not reading Twilight...
    Our whole family went through an Angry Bird's addiction phase. I even dreamed about killing pigs with birds one night! We've recovered, thankfully.

  8. We are on vacation in Omak and I finally made it to the library. I can't wait to catch up on your blog, but I had to throw in my guess first. My first thought was the Hunger Games, but then wondered if he had read Harry Potter yet. Those were the two YA series that grabbed my non-reading husband. Hope you are having a great summer. We sure loved seeing you in July! : )

  9. That is too funny! My kids are sadly addicted to angry birds and always asking me for my iphone so they can play. I'm guessing your DHS is reading the Hunger Games.

  10. That's so funny. My son has play Angry Birds. It's good mindless fun but I set a timer for 15 min. for him.

    I wonder what your husband is so enthralled with. Do tell. The series by Ally Condie (Matched), or is it the series by Ally Carter (Heist society), or Hunger Games or ...

  11. I can't pass the first level of Angry Birds. I am addicted to Fishdom. Not sure what he could be reading, but if it's not Pseudonymous Bosch, it should be. We (maybe) have an interview with him this week....

  12. I'm guessing it's Hunger Games too. I'm always a bit behind the trendy books...They are amazing books!

  13. Wow! swapped, huh? Well I'm going to guess the Septimus Heape, Magyk series, just to be different. :)

    And mental note, *do NOT check out Angry Birds's* I've got enough addictions, thank you very much! ;)

  14. I'd have to say Hunger Games, too, from experience. (My husband reads fiction often, but Hunger Games was the last one he couldn't hear me over. ;)
    I've had to completely give up computer games because I get way too addicted to them! Beware! :)

  15. Hmm...well, I'd like to say Meg Cabot's 1-800-Missing series because I would adore your DHS if that was it, but yeah, probably Hunger Games.
    I love that you are into Angry Birds. So so funny.