Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Truth Tuesday: Boogertoes

I was feeding my baby yesterday

And playing with her toes, because baby toes are meant to be played with 

When I discovered something.

Quite a sizeable booger glued to her big toe.

Which makes me wonder:
  1. Yes, I know she has recently discovered her feet. And I know she can get her foot up to her mouth. (Babies are flexible like that.) Perhaps she accidentally picked her nose with her toe?
  2. OR, she had the foot up by her face and happened to sneeze?
  3. OR, her two-year-old sister has been utilizing baby foot in place of tissue?
Do I look like the kind of baby who would pick my nose with my toes?
This might remain a mystery until the end of time. Any other explanations? Have you ever found boogers in unexpected places?


  1. I love baby toes...especially when they're salty! Gross! Sounds like you're having fun over there:)

  2. Hi Amy!
    Sheree Fitch is a well-known Canadian author whose first published book (I believe) was Toes in My Nose and other poems. (She's also a friend and lovely person!)

    Here's a link to her talking about poetry - its' a bit hard to hear but at the end she recites Toes in my Nose.
    Here's a link to her site:

    Enjoy the toes in nose phase!

  3. That's hilarious. Oh the things to find on baby toes. She's a cutie!!!

    Sounds like a party over there, lol.

  4. I guess I would keep track of if Naomi has boogers on her toes all the time. I'm hoping it's a fluke...

  5. There are no words...I love that you blog about this stuff so very, very much.

  6. Snort. Yup, Naomi would pick her nose with her toes ... don't be fooled by that innocent face.

  7. she is amazing...and you are too. :)


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