Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WiP Wednesday: A Seagull and a Butterfly

It's Wednesday! I haven't done a Work-in-Progress update for awhile, so here's the scoop.

I'm working on two books simultaneously. This isn't ideal, probably because my regular life mothering five kids requires so much multitasking, it's hard to also do that in my writing life and stay sane. But, I'm doing it anyway. Slowly, but surely. 

1) SEAGULL RISING: I'm still editing this one, polishing it for submission. At this point, my agent and I are down to "fine-tooth editing." With this edit I only have one plot point to adjust, which is an improvement over the last round of edits where I rewrote most of the ending. (But it's a much better ending!)

I'm honestly wondering if most writers cause their agent this much trouble. I hope so, because if most people are turning in flawless manuscripts that go straight to submission, I'm going to feel terrible. But I'm thankful to my awesome agent, Emmanuelle, for taking the time to help me get my book as perfect as possible.

And I have a feeling this is good practice for when I do get published *someday.* I'll be that much better at this editorial-feedback back-and-forth thing.

2) RED BUTTERFLY: This is my new novel, set completely in China. Wow, this one has been hard to write because its subject is so emotionally charged. I'm close to finishing my second rewrite and getting it out to a first-round of critique partners. 

Now that I'm almost done with this draft, I'm in love. I liked it okay after the first draft ... I mean, I loved the idea, but I wasn't in love with my execution. But after this rewrite, I can honestly say I've fallen for the characters--all of them, even the male lead who was making me pull my hair out at first. And maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at plotting? I guess that remains to be seen....

So, I'm dying to hear how your WiPs are going. Even if it's not related to writing, what are you working on right now?

And if you don't feel like answering that question, maybe tell me why you think I've named both my books after animals that fly? I really have no idea, but I'd like to hear your opinion. (There might be a deeply psychological reason.)


  1. I love both of your titles, and would pull the books off shelves just to read what they are about. Good work. I gave myself a word count deadline by 11/1 and it looks like I'm going to make it. Now I want a finished first draft by November 15. No NaNo for me. Just my own challenge.

  2. I can totally relate to being in love with a story after two revisions. That's how I felt about my first manuscript.

    I've got one manuscript out on query. Fingers crossed. :)

    I've started another one which will go on hold come November 1st as I've got another idea in mind for NaNo.

    So I guess I'm kind of like you in that I like working on multiple manuscripts as well. That way if one's not cooperating, I move to the other until it learns to behave. ;)

  3. Please tell me that you are superwoman ... because I have only two kids, and one wip that I'm working on and it's going awfully slowly.

    I have a wip like your new novel, emotionally charged, a story that has to be told. It's in its third revision when I put it aside because I was always on deadline for something else. I want to go back to it and finish, but new ideas are constantly cropping up. I hope someday I will be able to juggle as well as you.

  4. Sounds like you enjoy being crazy busy. Lol

    I'm working on my next book while my last is with an editor. The outline is done, research done, started writing the first chapter or two, and ready for NaNo.

  5. I agree with Vijaya above, I think you ARE Superwoman :) Can't wait to read your stories!!

    Thinks are a little stale in my WIP department. BUT I decided tonight that I'm going to spend a good hour tonight tweaking a couple chapters to send off to my critique partners, and try to finish a newer unfinished chapter. I'm tired of "I'm just so busy" being an excuse for NOT writing.

  6. *thinks=things

    why don't I review my comments before I post them? ;) You can remove one of the "tonight"s too. my goodness. maybe I shouldn't be writing tonight after all o_O

  7. I just finished a first draft. Next story will start November 1st :-)

  8. Wow. These projects sound fascinating. I'm in the midst of doing research for my third novel ... but getting a little slack with it :-/ It's a busy period of time for me. That's my excuse :o)

    I've seen your name splattered all over the comments of the blogs I follow and thought I'd come and say hi and great to meet you! New follower :o)

  9. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only crazy one trying to work on two writing projects at the same time as raising children. (Though you totally have role model status since I only have three so far!)
    Wow, I can't wait to read your stories, Amy. I can't tell you how much I admire your courage in writing and revising and working to make them the best stories they can be.

  10. Wow, two books at once! You're amazing.

    I love when I fall in love with a WIP all over again because I rewrite it so much better. :)

  11. I love both of your titles! Who knows why you came up with them...maybe your head is in the clouds?? :D

    I'm plotting my next project right now. I'd love to plot it so well that I won't have to rewrite like crazy, but we know that's not possible!

  12. Your comment makes me wonder about self pubbed authors. Even if they (well some do) have an editor give them feedback, the book doesn't necessarily go through several rounds of editing with the editor before it's published (with a few exceptions).

    I'm editing my wip and will be sending out to the last round of beta readers soon. Then I'm itching to get started on my new project. :D

    Good luck with your edits, Amy.

  13. Good luck with "Red Butterfly". I hope to read more about it. Best wishes from Canada. Giora


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