Monday, November 28, 2011

Movie Monday: Flight of the Starlings

If you've known me very long, you know I love to take pictures of My Valley. And I love to post them on my blog.

My friend Kimberly described a recent trip to the ocean. When she's there, she said, she gets a greater sense of how big God is. She lets herself go. I get the same feeling from looking at my valley, especially on days like this one, when the Rattlesnake Hills are lit in red and gold. Other days the clouds play in lights and shadows as if the sky is a canvas.

But on the evening I took this photo, I stood on our deck and suddenly there was the sound of wings over my head and the starlings swarmed across the sky. And I caught it on video (with my little camera). Standing by myself, with the wind and the chimes and the birds swooping and churning, it was very close to a spiritual experience.

I returned to my kitchen in awe. In peace.

I know (from a quite hilarious Facebook conversation) that starlings are a nuisance. But on that evening, I gave thanks that even nuisances can be beautiful, can quiet a quickly-beating heart, can reveal God's fingerprints on earth.

*Sorry about the video quality, folks. But maybe it will help you get the idea.*


  1. Wow--even in the little video that's beautiful. It must have been amazing in person!
    I am so grateful God gave us beauty and grandeur in nature to remind us of his presence...I feel similarly when I see the swirling, rushing river that runs past my bedroom window.

  2. I've never had that connection my wife has with church, and she can't relate to what I feel taking in the beauty of a tree, the majesty of the setting sun. But I'm pretty sure I get as much listening to the birds and the heat of the sun on my arm as she does singing with the choir.

  3. I live near the ocean, but I can see from the picture and the video and can feel in your words, how the vast landscape can be equally as inspiring.

  4. Just beautiful. A couple of weeks ago, I saw something similar (not starlings, but much smaller birds, swooping down in large numbers to the pond and back up again into the skies). The dog and I were mesmerized.

    I too think God is lavish in His creation. Driving across the country was incredible for that reason.

  5. That was lovely! The starlings swirling around was super. :) Your valley is beautiful.

    We have a park down the road from us and there are flocks of geese all over it. They seem to all do the same thing at the same time. They are either all sitting, swimming, or walking. So wonderful to watch. :D

  6. What a lovely post, Amy--full of peace and beauty. Also, I love the sound of your chimes! :)

    Have a great writing week!

  7. I know what you mean! We have migratory swallows that turn up when it's spring/early summer by the millions. They swoop just like that and it always makes me smile bc it means warm weather is here. We have a pair that nests in our eaves to raise their babies.
    This was a beautiful post - thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for sharing this, Amy. Your words gave me such a sense of that moment that I didn't even have to watch the video to know exactly what you meant. God is in the details, the tiny moments, of our lives.

  9. What a cool video - thanks for sharing! And I love the wind chimes, too! Yes, sometimes when I look at the beauty of nature, I just have to give thanks to God for this beautiful earth He created.

  10. I've seen birds do this before, but never that close. What an awesome thing to witness!

  11. Beautiful!
    Their swoop-dance is really something. And your valley is absolutely beautiful, such a lovely view to have I think i'd look at it last thing every night from the deck.
    Nice too that you appreciate it Amy

  12. That was simply sublime. I've seen some wonderful bird sightings, but nothing quite like that.

    I feel in awe of oceans, mountains, valleys...the vastness of nature is breathtaking.

    Beautiful post.


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