Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Just a few pictures to help you feel warm and cozy this Christmas season...

It's too cold to snow. Instead, we get hoar frost...
Which is so beautiful...
I don't mind the absence of snow.
Especially when I can come home to a lighted tree covered in homemade decorations...
And stockings over the fireplace... *

And a Hero Factory robot attacking the Wise Men. Life doesn't get much better than this!

Stay warm and cozy, everyone
enjoy the Season!

*You may notice that one of these things is not like the others. This is what happens when you move to America from China and then have a surprise baby -- you end up with one too few silk stockings! (Thankfully I had the stocking from when I was a kid to fill in the gap!)


  1. hahaha I was wondering what was going on with the out of place stocking! cute! Look at all that frost!! So pretty! It froze here like, two night in a row this week!! lol. Even had to bring my lemon tree inside, so that's something.

    And one night, we had pea sized hail!! All over the deck, little white balls! (I pretended it was snow)

  2. Beautiful pics of the frost and the cozy Christmas decor.
    No snow here in southern Norway yet - some hail, but that's long gone. And yes ... Baby, it's cold outside!

  3. I love the story of the special stocking:-)

  4. Love the hoar frost and the beautiful tree and manger scene. We often acquire other little animals, including things like Bengal tigers :) And once my children called the Magi "wise guys"
    God bless, Amy.

    Pretty please send me your mailing address.

  5. That hoar frost is so precise and amazing. And your tree looks fabulous. Keep warm.

  6. "...hoar frost.."

    Stating frost is of dubious morality is a bit harsh. Maybe the frost came from a broken home or is working its way through college.
    Frosty Fan

  7. i truly LOVE the lego factory dude attacking the wise men. reminds me of the time my son parked a volkswagon bug up by the manger and had a little car display going on in the barn. something to smile about for a long time to come!

  8. Your frost pictures are amazing - I love seeing snowy and cold from the comfy and warm indoors. ;) I crank the heating way up when we get down to single figures

  9. I did not know what hoar frost was. Wow. But beautiful!

    No snow here either. And your nativity looks shockingly similar to ours (i.e. about the Hero Factory attack). ;)

  10. This last week on my drive to work with the sun rising at my back, the frosted trees looked like they were covered in twinkling lights. Even after so many years living in this place, nature still finds new ways to impress me.

  11. Hahaha...Your poor Wise Men. Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas with us. We haven't had any real snow yet, which makes me worry about when it comes....

  12. I think that special stocking is the cutest. :D

    And the hoar frost looks so beautiful, especially to me in Texas who rarely ever sees snow.

  13. Lovely pics and nice to know u're having a blast this holiday season!

  14. I love the frost. All we've got is snow. Lots and lots of it.

    I still have to find the kids stockings. Or maybe they've already found them.

  15. Are those cute stocking pants? Because I am dying for a stocking that looks like that. You have snow already? My kids are living in snowless misery right now.

  16. I love the frost! It's been looking like that here in the mornings, too.

  17. Hi Amy .. great pictures and I loved your spider story .. yuggy! Hoar frost is beautiful isn't it - very Christmassy and the house looks so welcoming to kids and adult kids too ..

    Enjoy the preparations, kids' shows etc .. Cheers Hilary