Friday, December 30, 2011

'Tis the Season ... to be Tired

I've been so tired and lazy-feeling since Christmas.

Can anyone else relate?

We had a lovely Christmas with the Dashingly Handsome Sidekick's family here in town.

Then on Boxing Day we drove over to the populated side of the state to visit my aunt and uncle and their boys. My California aunt and uncle were in the area, so we got together with them, too, as well as my cousin and his adorable family.

So the season was filled with love and laughter and eating and joy and eating and driving and eating and....

I'm exhausted!

I did get some writing done the first week of winter vacation. I actually finished my second draft of my China novel. Now it's resting. I am determined to dive back into it tomorrow, but I've been saying that for the past two days: "I'll dive back into it tomorrow." We'll see....

Last night I wrote a picture book draft. Today I edited it. I know it's not ready for anything, but I'm already feeling paralyzed. Picture books terrify me more than novels because I don't know what to DO with them. The task of looking into publication seems so much more daunting. Is it only me?

As I collect my thoughts and prepare for the New Year--and a more serious post where I stop rambling and use my brain-- I'd like to hear from you. How was your holiday? What was your favorite part about it?

Mine was spending time with these cute people (and the grown-up ones, too):

The stair steps: my kids with their second cousins.

My crazy bunch on Christmas morning

Santa's littlest helper

Don't forget to tell me about your holiday in the comments!


  1. My holiday was quiet and peaceful :-)

    I'm not worrying about starting my edits again until after tomorrow!

  2. You have such a family of cuties!

    I've been enjoying the post Christmas lull by relaxing. Though this weekend I need to get myself going again: the house needs cleaning, the decorations need to be taken down, etc. Oh yeah, and that novel...

    Happy New Year, Amy!

  3. You have a beatuiful family. Yes, I can relate to the "tired" comment. I'm exhausted. Have a great New Year!

  4. AHH! They are SO cute! Glad you had a lovely holiday, and I'm not even going to express how jealous I am that you managed a second draft already. Here I've been working on the first one since May! lol.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I'm lashing my critique group with a virtual whip to keep them writing over the holidays.
    Scooge McVerb

  6. I relate to being tired, but the kids are all so cute! We've had quite a bit of company and as much as I love it all, my poor introverted self needs to crawl into a hole for a bit. I've been writing in bed while my husband makes breakfast, so it's been really nice. And it's absolutely phenomenal here -- in the 70s, sunny and sparkly. We've taken a lot of long walks, bike rides, etc. May God bless all your efforts in the New Year.

  7. Aw, your kids are so cute! This year wasn't as exhausting b/c we only traveled once. Now, I'm heavily editing my novel as I ring in the new year...I know what you mean about needing to take a break from the writing!

  8. I was a homebody this holiday season, which is exactly what I wanted after having a hectic summer and fall.

    Great pictures of the family. Happy New Year!

  9. Tis true, tis true. he has a terrible virtual last.
    Shuddering Susan

  10. I agree with you that this season could be tiring, but as long as we are in our family id doesn't matter at all and you will not the feel it.