Monday, February 13, 2012

Just in Case....

We've been under a plague of stomach flu since last Thursday, so this will be short.

Blogger failed me again and never posted Gae Polisner's Letter to My Future Self to Google Reader. Just in case you didn't see it, I'm giving away a copy of her book, THE PULL OF GRAVITY, back on >>that post<<. You won't want to miss it!

Because of the technical difficulties, I'll leave the giveaway open until Wednesday night, so you still have time to enter (over there).

Also, on a side note, have you seen all of Sarah Fine's amazing news lately? So happy for her!

And, Valentine's Day is almost here. The DHS and I are hoping to steal away for a couple hours tonight if everyone's feeling well enough here at home. We're thinking maybe Greek food. Do you have any big plans?

Stay well, everyone! There's some nasty stuff going around (especially in Mexico, I hear). And after watching Downton Abbey last night, it's better to stay away from all these weird, mutating flus. Right, Lavinia?


  1. Thanks for the mention, Amy. And--I've been hearing SO MUCH about Downton Abbey lately! I'm going to have to check it out (mutating flus?)

  2. Aw ... I'll hope you'll be able to steal away for a couple of hours. We have boy scouts and a camping trip to plan, but perhaps we'll celebrate St. V. on the 15th.

  3. Hope everyone's feeling better soon! Valentine cookies and a simple celebration.
    Catherine Denton

  4. Awww, hope you can paint over the cross on the door soon.

  5. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I was busy with planning a B-day party and having guests and I never got my bean bag pics done and sent to you. Now my baby and I have a cold...hopefully someday I will get that done- it sounds like so much fun!

    Take care and hope you have a lovely V-day!

  6. "The DHS"?
    What does that stand for?
    Daring Handsome Stud?
    Dashing Hellious Supper?
    Delivery Home Service?

  7. I hope everyone is better soon! And that you have a lovely St. Valentine's Day!! My husband and I are planning a "writing date" where we both bring our laptops to a cafe and get my sister to watch the kids. (Yes, we really are that nerdy...)

  8. Hi Amy, sorry you've had illness in your house. Us too, in the form of a cold and coughs.
    I don't like going out here for Valentine's Day, as it's overpriced and not good quality, so I will pick up sonething at Marks and Spencer, and I'm making chocolate heart-shaped cookies for dessert (prob. with ice-cream).
    Either way, we're on mid-term this week, so enjoying the slow pace! Love mid-term!
    Hope you have a lovely Greek (or whatever you do!) meal.

  9. Ugh! My next door neighbor's little girl just caught that virus. Hopoe you are all feeling better soon!

  10. Yikes, Amy! I hope you all are feeling better soon!

    And I've been hearing quite a few people having trouble with blogger lately. I hate that!

  11. Well these bugs are certainly travelling as I've had it too. Hope you had a good night out and that you're all better again soon.

  12. Hi Amy .. hope you all feel better - catchy bugs are a great nuisance .. and I'd love to join you for Greek?!
    It's my favourite ..

    Hope you have a great evening - Happy Valentines .. cheers Hilary

  13. Yes! And super hooray for Sarah! So sorry you've been sick. :p But I did hear from Tami that Polisner book is awesome.

    Bet better soon~ :o) <3

  14. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. :( Hopefully you'll be back to 100% soon.