Monday, March 12, 2012

Twenty Things

  1. Life has been taking me for a spin lately.
  2. I've been sick for a week. I was very sick last week. On Tuesday I spent the afternoon passed out on the bed with a fever, letting my poor children fend for themselves. The only thing that worked in that scenario was that Baby was sick, too, so she came to bed with me. Otherwise, the whole "fending" thing could have involved plunging down stairs, choking on Polly Pocket shoes, or running with scissors. Thankfully, everyone survived.
  3. Even though I'm getting better, I'm still not feeling great, and I'm also behind on EVERYTHING (so, sorry I've been so bad about replying to your wonderful comments on the last post!). 
  4. On Friday, our toilet clogged, which was not unusual. 
  5. But then someone must have flushed it again and it overflowed. When I got back from someplace during the day, I saw it was overflowing, but it didn't look too bad.
  6. The reason it didn't look too bad was because it was draining into the bathroom heating duct.
  7. I could not get the toilet unclogged.
  8. Even when I turned off the water, the toilet kept leaking. 
  9. The toilet water in the heating duct leaked into our storage room in the basement.
  10. The dashingly handsome sidekick spent basically all weekend on his hands and knees doing things to our toilet, and the plumbing under the toilet. 
  11. We've turned off our central heating until the whole thing has a chance to dry out....
  12. Which means we're wearing five layers of clothes in the house. 
  13. Still, thank goodness it's spring.
  14. And thank goodness for scented candles.
  15. The old toilet is in the bathtub.
  16. The new toilet is in the living room. 
  17. The little girls are still blowing snot bubbles. 
  18. Spring Forward was not good timing. I REALLY needed that extra hour this weekend and I'm kind of pissed at the government for taking it away from me. (That's about as political as I'll ever get, people.)
  19. For Thursday I promise you a much happier (or at least more interesting) blog post, in which I discuss this post by Ellen Oh about the shocking lack of diversity on YA book covers, with nods to Adam Heine and Victoria Dixon who are helping make waves about this issue by giving away books with ethnically-diverse covers. The book giveaways are still going, so click through to enter!
  20. How did you spend your weekend? 


  1. I'm kinda pissed about daylight saving time, too. It's like government-ordered torture of small children and their parents. If someone ran for congress on a platform of repealing DST and nothing else, I'd vote for 'em.

    That said, I've got nothing to complain about. My weekend was much better than yours.

  2. After reading about your weekend, I can't complain :)

  3. It's funny how we always complain about this time change but we're okay with the other. :) I've taken this one particularly hard, and I've been waking up later than I would if the time hadn't changed... not sure what happened there.
    So sorry you've been sick, and toilet trouble is the worst!!

  4. Yikes! What a week! Hope you're feeling better. I still picture you smiling through it all. Well, maybe not all but most of it. Thank goodness for husbands who come to the rescue when it comes to toilets and such breaking down.

    I had a bad head cold (again) last week but I'm better now. Other than that, nothing to complain about after reading about your adventures.

  5. <<<>>>
    This too shall pass - even if it's not down the toilet...

  6. There were supposed to be "hugs" in these: <<<<>>>>>
    I guess I squeezed too hard!

  7. Oh Amy. What an awful week! I have had weeks like the sick part, but oh, the toilet AND daylight savings on top of it? You, dear, must have something super duper good coming your way.

  8. Amy, I've just published a post titled "busy busy",but after reading this I feel I should go back and re-title it!
    What a week! And you're still good-humoured as ever I can't believe you! I'd say the kids had lots of fun fending for themselves!
    Hope you're feeling 100% soon, and it's ok to be behind. I read an interview with a doctor recently who had a young family and she said if there are still some clean clothes and some food in the fridge, she's happy enough!

  9. Oh hunny! :( I'm so sorry. That does not sound like a fun few week or two.

    I have a toilet overflowing story. Perhaps it will make you feel better?

    I was living on the second of three stories my senior year of college. Three other girls with me. Day spring break started.

    The four of us are running around, getting ready to leave for the week, when we hear: drip, drip, drip.

    We open the bathroom door and water is falling from the sky!!!

    About two minutes of us running around and yanking everything out of the bathroom (toothbrushes, towels, soap, etc) there's a knock at our door. The witchy girls from upstairs.

    Witch #1 says, "Our toilet overflowed."

    Witch #2 says, "And we're leaving for spring break so we'd thought we'd tell you."

    And they left. They didn't call our landlord. Or offer to help us. Nothin'. Just left.

    So, I know how you feel and it totally STINKS!!!

  10. Did you think of any of your old TJ apartments during either the layers or toilet plunging episodes??

    I did.


  11. Hi Amy - not like you, I'm very pleased to say (that might sound a little mean .. but it is heart felt?!?!) .. sorreeee - it sounds a ghastly time ..

    Hope things are improving .. with thoughts - Hilary

  12. Horrible! So sorry you've had such a rotten time of it. Those household crises just mess up your whole life, I know. Here's hoping you get that new toilet in soon, and the heat back on for the remainder of the season.

  13. Oh my...well, we can only hope you can only go up!

  14. Best wishes to get better quickly. Next week will be better.

  15. Hi Amy, you work so hard. It's important to take care of yourself. Of course there is no magic formula or Harry Potter's wand to accomplish all the tasks in your life. But you are very brave for what you've done so far, that's why you should reward yourself and take a good break. Then you'll see, you'll feel reborn.

  16. We've got a couple of weeks before we lose our hour here, so I'm making the most of it!

    I'm so sorry to hear about all your woes, that all sounds terrible. I hope things are getting better now!

  17. Oh, we were sick, too. And I think I almost cried when someone reminded me of daylight saving's time!
    Feel better soon!

  18. Oh, hugs, hugs, hugs! I'm sorry it's been so crazy! I hope things are getting a bit better and life calms down a little.

  19. These are 20 perfect things in the life of Amy. I love these little insights. And I totally chuckled at the toilet thing bc I have SO been there:)