Monday, March 5, 2012

WiP Monday: Because I Don't Post on Wednesday Anymore

Oops, was it Monday today? *checks calendar* Yep. *Scurries to write blog post*

Today I'm talking Works in Progress (WiPs) because I haven't blogged about them in awhile.  Probably because I'm now on a Blog Schedule that does not include "WiP Wednesdays." So, WiP Monday it is!

I have three WiPs in three different stages of development. I've given them all nicknames which may or may not be part of their titles.
  1. SEAGULL: This one's almost ready for a secondary round of submissions after a bunch of revisions. She's going to get a title overhaul, too, but I'm not sure what that will be yet. I'm still waiting to declare her perfect-as-possible and then we'll see about finalizing that pesky new title.
  2. BUTTERFLY: This is my sweet little book, which unfortunately also happens to be enigmatic. In other words, she doesn't fit where she's supposed to fit. She may not be YA, but she's not MG ... and are coming-of-age stories salable, anyway? All this remains to be seen. For now, she is shelved and waiting to be reborn, like the butterfly that she is.
  3. CRAZY: The nickname says it all. This book is crazy, and the main character is a bad girl. I'm having a lot of fun writing her because I'm not a bad girl, but she is also difficult to write for the same reason. I wrote the first draft of this baby during Nano last year, and am writing a second draft now. Let me tell you, it's a complete overhaul. Characters needed to change. A bunch of it needs tossing (and flogging). The whole story needs to be re-imagined. Yeah. But it's fun -- one of my favorite parts of this thing called writing novels. And just to tell you how complete this overhaul is, I'm not even referring to draft one. That was so last November.
 So, how about you? How are your projects going? Anything fun to share?


  1. Ooo, I love hearing about updates! :)

    For me...I'm revising one of mine thanks to awesome critiques. Its out on submission now and is having some success but the second round will have an even tighter manuscript.

    And I've started two other WIP. Both of which I really like...we'll see which one wins out. Its not really winning though...just the other one will have to wait longer ;)

  2. Amy, you really are absolutely amazing. :)

  3. These all sound interesting! I'm supposed to be revising but I got sidetracked sorting out my 'writing cupboard'. It's full of old ideas and drafts that I've had since pre-computer days. Yes, I'm that old :-)

  4. I'm working on a few YA stories and a serial killer book. They take a lot out of me but there a whole lot of fun. As far as progress, lets just say theres more thinking than writing at the moment. But, as you know, that's all part of the process!

  5. Sounds like you've been working hard, Amy! It's great hearing about your projects.

    My two projects are on hold right now. Just not enough hours in the day. I hope to get back to one of them soon.

  6. I finished a rough draft of my latest wip a couple of weeks ago. Now that some time has passed, I'm about ready to get going on it again. First I'll change the things that I noted to myself needed to be changed as I wrote the first draft, and then when I get all those bugs worked out, I'll probably throw it out and start over, only this time I'll know where I'm going and how to get there.

    Good luck with all your wips!

  7. Thanks for the updates- I was wondering what was happening with Seagull. Have fun with revisions- let me know when you need another set of eyes...and I'll try to get my WIP readable in the meantime:)

  8. Yes, so good to know how things are going. So you've got no less than three books cookin'! That's wonderful. I know what you mean about writing that bad girl...that's the MC of my next book, but she's a VERY bad girl, and I'm just hoping I can hang on for the ride! Hope you can find that perfect title for Seagull and get it out there soon!

  9. Two thirds done on first draft of humorous, contemporary YA and near completion of rewrite on contemporary YA drama that was recently rejected by a prestigious agency.
    Dude In Progress

  10. not even referring to draft one?! was that just like stretching your legs then? :)

    you know how awesome i think you are. but i'll tell you again. you rock :)

  11. How exciting! So close to submissions! Wishing you the best. I hope you find the perfect title ;)

  12. This is excellent as a post. I know all this but I imagine not everyone does and is curious. I should do one of these. Or I should just pull out love letters from my ex-boyfriends to humiliate them with their spelling errors and start a blogfest with you. How about end of April?


  13. Sounds like you're working on a lot of fun projects! I love how different they all sound-- must be a blast. :)

    I'm wrapping up a round of revisions before sending to betas, getting ready to pitch to an agent at a conference in May! I'm excited.

  14. Oh, yours all sound fun.
    I'm working on a title overhaul for the one that goes out on sub later this month.
    I finished an awesome WIP set in Israel that just got back from a very helpful beta. LOVE this story - needs a few more rounds of beta-ing, tho. Want to volunteer? I'll swap you!
    And lastly, my WIP-in-waiting. Just sketched its outline and first scene. Can't wait to get started on it.

  15. Still on break from writing. Working on my singing. Someday, I might have time to do both.

  16. I love how you're enjoying writing as a bad girl because you're not. I know exactly what you mean. Good luck with your WiPs.


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