Friday, May 25, 2012

My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop


You're invited to join the 
My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop
June 21, 2012
hosted by Christa Desir & Yours Truly

This is going to be so fun!
Step One: Sign up on the linky below
Step Two: Dust off those old sappy journals or high school notebooks filled with bad poetry*
Step Three: Skim through them until you find something share-worthy
Step Four: On June 21 POST IT on your blog
Optional: We all love seeing old photos, so if you have one lying around of you as a teen, post that, too.

We'll all be hopping around peeking into each others private teenage lives on June 21. Can you imagine a better way to spend the first day of summer?

*Didn't write in a journal or compose poetry as a teenager? Have no fear! Counterfeit entries are welcome! Pretend you're a teenager and write whatever you feel. Just make sure you're using your teenage voice.
And if you're still a teenager, hey, you're going to basically rock this blog hop.

Sign up below!


  1. this sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunately) my teenage journals are all an ocean away, burried under years of crap in my grandmother's garage:)

  2. Interesting. I have my journals, no poetry though, and will have to scour them. One of my temporarily trunked manuscripts has some stories out of there--with names change to protect the guilty. :)

    I also saved all the notes my friends gave me. They make for a fun read!

  3. This should be lovely and embarrassing. I didn't write angsty poetry or anything...I wrote Shakespeare parodies...

  4. This sounds like fun! I'll have to see what I can come up with

  5. I was a daily journaler for year and years, and would someday like to publish those journals from 1989-early 2009. I'm pretty embarrassed I just stopped so suddenly, though at least I sort of journal online now and never really stopped. I was that high-minded, serious teenager who didn't do much socializing and preferred to read and think about ideas, though there are some relatively light-hearted things in my old journals.

  6. I signed up. I look forward to posting a poem from my teenage years. :)

  7. Oh, this is going to be awesome! I don't post on Thursdays, but I might post something on the following Monday. Too hilarious! Can't wait to see what everyone digs up~ :o) <3

  8. OK. I had my husband dig out the trunk where all my old school work is stored... found a few gems!

    Sounds like a fun blog hop - thanks for hosting it Amy!

  9. I remember assuming I would be a published poet someday. Yeah, this ought to be good, and humbling!

  10. What a cool idea! This was the original concept for my blog (reflecting on journal entries, funny, embarrassing etc). I focus on books, writing and TV now. I'll check out these posts!


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