Monday, July 23, 2012

Iron Springs

So, we went on a little vacay with the extended family to the Washington Coast, where we stayed at a cabin resort called Iron Springs.

It was cold ... but beautiful.

The air was so fresh and even when it rained, the rain was so light, you couldn't feel it falling, even when you were getting drenched.

We walked down to these big rocks at low tide and looked at sea stars and anemones and barnacles. Breathtaking! Wading in the water was cold enough to take our breath away, too.

A family tradition from years past when my father-in-law came to this same beach as a boy, is to race tiny little wooden boats down Iron Springs Creek. My father-in-law's brother made most of them, and there were enough for every grandchild, except for the babies, to race one.

Now that we're home, I'm tired. So tired, in fact, that I completely spaced that the kids were supposed to start swimming lessons this morning. Doh!

To close, here's a short clip of my baby playing in a tidal puddle. I love this clip because I think it captures some of the wonder of childhood. Enjoy!

Have you been anywhere fun this summer?


  1. That looks beautiful! You must be exhausted, but those memories are worth it. :)

  2. What beautiful pictures! These are the kinds of things your kids will remember for years :)

    My husband and I went to Riviera Maya, Mexico last month. It was perfect and beautiful and relaxing... and mentally, I'm still there!

  3. We went to SD's Black Hills for the first time with the kids. Got to see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse. Go in a deep cave and see lots of animals. Long drive, but the kids had fun.

    Plus. They've never seen a mountain, so at least now the've seen something closer to one.

  4. It looks lovely! I hope you get some rest...after your vacation! ;)

  5. Lovely pictures and video! Simple pleasures, though you had to drive quite a bit ... I can imagine you're tired.

    Once we were on the sound and got so carried away walking, that we forgot about the tide rolling in and we had to brave the cold water and slippery rocks to get back to our campsite.

    We're practically half-retired living in SC, so we don't have to go anywhere! The beach is only 20 min. away.

  6. Oh, Amy! It sounds like (and looks like) you had a brilliant time. Seeing all those sea creatures must have been wonderful.

  7. That video is absolutely precious!

  8. Oh my gosh, how adorable! That is perfection right there. The scenary and how happy she is. Oh gosh, I just can't stop laughing :)

  9. Oh, the clip didn't come up on the iPad... I'll have to remember to open it on my PC later.
    I forgot a new dancing class last week when I was tired

  10. Lovely fam pic! Sounds like a blast--I'm amused to see that green tentacle-y sea creature that looks just like those light-up squishy ball things from Dollar General!

  11. I loved visiting beaches when we lived in Washington - the sea life there is so colorful. Miss it!!

  12. Hi Amy .. looks just beautiful and I did love the clip ... so pleased you had a fabulous time - those little boat races - fun and happy memories ... cheers Hilary