Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've Got Nothing

Thursday snuck up on me this week! Might have something to do with my Fourth of July gluttony--too many barbeques with delicious desserts.

So, because I don't have anything wonderful planned for this holiday Thursday, I thought I'd shamelessly ask for your vote for a little piece of flash fiction I wrote for Christa Desir's blog (I'm entry #2!).

If it goes against your conscience to vote blindly, by all means read through the eight entries. Voting will end on July 31st.

That's all I've got in me today, folks. Call it post-celebration lethargy. I'm blaming allergies. *Achoo!*

I'll leave you with a little KStew fun I picked up from someone on Twitter.

Did all you Americans out there have a good Fourth? How about all you non-Americans? Did you have a good day even without hotdogs and fireworks?


  1. Amy... Amy... Amy...

    As another Band Camp entry, and one who is totally losing, and one who doesn't have a huge blog follwership, I am officially opposed to this cheating. ;)

    So I popped back over to band camp to re-read yours, now that I know it's yours. And it's hilarious. Of course it was before I knew it was yours.

    I haven't voted yet, and since Christa allowed us to vote for more than one, I will chose mine... and my favorite. :) I can't remember if I read them all yet, but yours rates pretty highly.

    Since I have no chance of winning, good luck to you! :)

    (And just so you know, I am kidding about what I said above.)

  2. And I'm open to bribes. :)

  3. Oh Amy, I think that piece is one of my most enjoyed reads ever!
    I've just come in from band practice, we're going to a competition at the weekend. And, guess what, this piece makes it all look so easy from my point of view! No-one expects me to kiss anyone, or fancy anyone, or anything else!!! I never knew that band camp was so complicated, lol!
    I did, of course vote for you!

  4. I'm sorry, Amy, completely forgot to say Happy 4th, hope you had a good one! Sounds like you did!

  5. Oooh, that sounds like a fun read! Heading over!

  6. Okay, I'm with Suzi here ... you needn't have mentioned which entry was yours. I've seen bigger contests and I never vote because sometimes I worry it's a popularity contest.

    That said, I loved your ending. Ewwww, Ewwww!

  7. Oh, I voted too. Yours was one of the most enjoyable ones!

  8. The title of this post made me sit up and shout, "Me, too!" :) I'm afraid I haven't been feeling very inspired when it comes to blogging lately. It's weird not to have something to say, since I'm usually so outspoken:)

  9. I read all eight...then voted for yours. It actually came down to a tie between two of you...but since you asked so nicely! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Funny story. I was in high school band but we never had band camp.
    2nd Chair Clarinet

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  12. Good luck Amy. I'm reading the entries and voting next...

  13. I read the entries when they were first posted. It was fun reading them. And thanks for sharing that video. I'm going to check out the other videos from that channel.

  14. That was great, Amy! You got my vote. :)