Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Reveal: Fact or Fiction?


You came here for a reveal, huh?

You came here to find out if I was LYING.

Yeah, I know you.

I expected you to show up here today.

So don't pretend you're here just to "read a blog post."

You totally came to find out which of my stories was fact and which was fiction.

Don't try to deny it.

(tee hee ... just felt like working on my *threatening dialogue.* Did you feel threatened?)

And now, on to the BIG REVEAL!

Story #1 was ... FACT. Yes, Perfect Pool really was that perfect and that scary to reach (if you were coming from the top of the mountain).

Which makes Story #2 FICTION. I did lose myself on several hikes growing up, but this particular getting-lost story was unfortunately made up.

In the summer of 2011, I visited my family in Hong Kong and we spent the night on Sunset Peak in one of the cabins, for old time's sake. Here are a few pics of that trip, just to give you a visual of what Hong Kong hiking is like. We didn't attempt to visit Perfect Pool this time around ... would have been pretty treacherous with a baby strapped to my front, especially going across that cliff face!
My beautiful sister, Michelle

My mom (in the background), my then-9yo, Baby & moi

Enjoying a top-of-the-mountain meal ... we were trapped in clouds for our whole stay!
A big thank you to Emily and Melodie for the superb blog hop!


  1. Yay. I got yours right. Now I'll have to go see if I got any others correct too. 1/1 so far. :)

  2. love it! but i only got one right so far! i stink at guessing the truth! i'd be a bad detective!

    have a great weekend!

  3. Yay, I got this one. Great pics! I think I'm up to 4/6? I'm losing track though.

  4. Love those pics! Both stories were so well written :)

  5. Cool stories… Both of them. =) ~Aidyl

  6. Love the pictures. I missed the blogosphere lately but I'll have to go back and read your stories, Amy :)

  7. You totally fooled me, Amy! Gorgeous pictures ... to have breakfast amdist the clouds? Wow! And your beautiful sister looks a LOT like you ...

  8. Ah! I guessed wrong!

    I think it was the word "perfect." Hardly anything ever is, but I'm glad it was for you. Now I want to visit that pool!

    Thanks for participating!

  9. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! So glad you didn't get lost on that hike. :)

  10. Your threats have me shivering in my shoes :0, but I got it right! Great pictures. This was so much fun to read everyone's stories

  11. Booya! First one I've gotten right!!! I love that the perfect pool is real :)

  12. I felt both threatened and shamed! :)

  13. Perfect pool sounds so amazing! Thanks for sharing such a cool adventure.

  14. Haha, Amy, I wondered where you were all summer. Then I looked and saw that you had somehow dropped out of my list of blogs. No wonder "you never updated." :D

  15. A HA! I knew it! *diabolical laughter*
    However, yours was the only one I got right...sigh...

  16. I'm going to backtrack and read. I saw a few posts for this blogfest and it was awesome. Fantastic pictures.