Thursday, September 13, 2012


Don't freak out. I'm still a mom writing away during those kid-nap-time hours. That hasn't changed.

And I really didn't get an actual promotion, but it feels that way.

I've been promoted from Soccer Mom
(who runs kids around town from one activity to the next)

Gymnastics Mom
(who runs kids around town from one activity to the next AND drives forty minutes three times a week to a larger city where her six-year-old daughter is on a competitive gymnastics team)

This means I have:
  1. Less time
  2. Organizational/logistical skills required that were previously optional
  3. Stress increase
  4. Excitement increase (I'm super excited for this opportunity for my daughter)
  5. Kid-management/mad-snack-distribution skills required that were previously optional
The truth is, after dinner every night, I'm ready to crash. At least two nights this week I've gone to bed with the kids. Staying up late to write just isn't happening.

I'm still getting writing done, but it means I have to be productive during my kids' nap times.

A friend asked me just last night, "How do you have time to write?"

When I said, "Nap time," he gave the response most people do: a small chuckle.

But it's true. I'm fiercely protective of that two-hour (sometimes three if I'm lucky) nap time. I know there are a million other things I could be doing  (laundry! mopping! general tidying! taking a nap myself!) but I IGNORE THEM so I can write. That's the only way I'm going to get anything done.

I'm hoping once my body and mind adjust to this "promotion," the stress will decrease and the nightly productivity will increase ... but until then, nap time is IT.

The goal is that we'll all be able to pursue our dreams, big and little kids alike.

Do you have an insane schedule? How do you manage it and make time to do what you love?

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  1. You've got such great dedication! I hope the stress goes away soon, but it sounds like you've got everything under control.

  2. I'm impressed with your drive to see your daughter have great experiences and opportunities.

    I've been trying to get my daughter to some new classes at our gym a few nights a week. Feels hugely daunting and it's only a 7-minute drive away. But I can read my kindle and bike workout while she's in class, so the effort to get her out the door is worth it on so many levels.

  3. You are super woman. :) I think it's great you're finding time to write, as well as time to promote your daughter's dreams. Way to be a great mom and a dedicated writer!

  4. This is such great persistence, Amy. Glad you're writing and not mopping!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I hope now that I've been so loud about it on my blog, I'll actually keep it up this whole year! You all can keep me accountable. :D

  6. You have such will power! Good for you! I'm trying to do the same thing: protect that little 1-3 window when my little one naps and the others are at school. Best of luck, Amy!

  7. The kids started school,one week ago, and I am trying to be patient while finding My way back to a routine with some me time! Eeeeek!

  8. My schedule is sooooo insane certain times of the year. Like this week. 40+ hours at day job this week. Both kids in soccer, one travels 30 minutes one-way to soccer practice. Nuts! I write at 5am and again if I have time in the evening.

    I'm lucky that I don't work the day job year-round, or I don't know if I could do it.

  9. Hi Amy! I'm impressed that you're so loyal to that "nap time writing". I wish I was better about safe-guarding my writing time, but I'm afraid it gets pushed to the bottom of my priority list as the day goes on.

  10. I've been a hockey mom for 11 years - used to travel 45 min. each way for hockey practice after a long day at work. And my husband is gone most of the time. When my oldest turned 16, I jumped for joy. Now I only have two kids to run around with!

  11. Hi Amy .. I have no kids and am somewhat frazzled! Now I could sleep - but your schedule makes it worse!! I think mothers just get the job done - come hell or high water ... seems to be the way life is - but 5 kids, gym, soccer and load of laundry - must make you happy while you work .. as Disney would say - well vaguely!!

    Great opportunity for your daughter and grand time to gel with her .. yet writing - good for you if you can settle down and write ..

    Congratulations and long may it last .. cheers Hilary

  12. You are amazing, that's all that's too it. And how neat for her to be in competitive gymnastics! FUN!!

    Yep, gotta fit in writing where you can. Karen Akins' blog is called "Novels During Naptime" for a reason! :)

  13. Your kids are so lucky to have you!

    I do a lot of my writerly things over my lunch hour. Gotta get em in when we can :)

  14. Your kids are so lucky to have you!

    I do a lot of my writerly things over my lunch hour. Gotta get em in when we can :)

  15. Wowsa! I fear someday I will be promoted to Soccer Mom as well.

    Please provide tips for how you manage your time when that happens. I will need a "Yoda."

  16. I've given up watching TV. I watch a few movies here and there, but once I stopped that time became my writing time.

    You sound like Supermom. I'm glad you can squeeze in writing time.

  17. I remember it well. Enjoy this phase because the next one is where they borrow your car and leave you stranded at home and biting your nails to the bone with worry over what's happening to them/ your car!

  18. Yay for you! Lots of busy times. Sounds like your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom.

    I just got back from taking my two boys to their soccer games. I teach and work a part time job, try to write and I'm taking a class. It's a lot to juggle.

    I really love your blog BTW!

  19. You are such a great mom Amy. I'm still just a soccer mom and I'll work to appreciate that a little more. :)

    I am able to write when girlie is at preschool, though that sometimes gets pushed aside when work comes in. *sigh*. BUT, I can usually manage to squeeze in both. I <3 preschool.


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