Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Mr. Happy-Big-Nose*

*I don't mean to be misleading. We actually haven't had any snow this year. 
This pic is from last year, but I thought he was cute. 
And appropriate for the season.
Because there really should be snow by now. 
I mean, it's December! 
Come on, snow!


  1. ...ha ha...


    He is cute.

    But you want that cold wet stuff? Really?

    I'm from Florida. I can't relate.

  2. He's cute! Funny, but I don't miss the snow ... it's in the 70s this week (tee-shirt time) in SC.

  3. Great snowman.

    Our kids are itching for snow too. Last year was a bad snow year and they want it soo bad.

  4. That looks like our poor pine tree in the back yard. It's snowed so much (grrrr and it's snowing again) in the last few weeks, that he looks like a little pyramid. Maybe I should make him look like a pyramid snowman. lol

  5. I posted a snowy picture on Facebook for the same reason. The season is all about snow and we've had little. Though I'm not complaining, the pic I posted is from a year when we had a nightmarish amount.

  6. Awww cute snow man!! We're having 56 degree weather today then 38 tomorrow. O_o This weather is crazy!!!! (I also blogged today!)

  7. Hi Amy - we had a few flakes this a.m. - some woke up to a dusting in the south east of England ..

    Can do without mounds of the stuff this year!! Good luck to you and the kids and your piles of it ...

    Cheers Hilary

  8. Very cute. :) Here's hoping you get some snow soon!

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