Friday, January 18, 2013

My Reading Pile

I'm notorious for reading too many books at once. It would probably make more sense to read one at a time, but for some reason I always have a few I'm bouncing around between.

Here's what I've been reading lately: 

A novel for adults. I know! When was the last time I read a novel for adults?! But it's beautiful and I love it so far.

This is a YA. I started reading it because I thought it might be a good comp book for the YA contemporary I've been revising. Great voice.

Middle grade verse novel! By Katherine Applegate! Need I say more?

What's in your reading pile? Do read more than one book at a time?


  1. I haven't read many adult books lately either. Pretty much all YA.

    I probably should read Saving June too cause it sounds like it's similar to what I'm trying to query now.

    Would you mind sharing with me what your story is about? I'd love to hear a little blurb if you're willing.

  2. Usually have several going at once. I liked how unique The Snow Child was.

    Reading Stephen King's latest. Fascinating! I've only read his book on writing so this is a blast to read his (not so scary) work.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I'm with you... I read too many books at once... I have about five going right now, but a few of them I'd probably have to start over because it's been a few months lol

  4. I read the same way. :)
    The cover of the first one is gorgeous...I don't read much adult either, but that definitely makes me want to give it a try!

  5. Yup, reading several books at once. Lots of adult NF, some children's. I dunno, is that bad or something? Too ADD?

    Will have to check out your recs.

  6. I am reading The Snow Child right now. It is oddly captivating. Really enjoying it.
    The cover of Saving June is so beautiful. Let me know how it is.
    I am a strictly monogamous reader.

  7. Ha! Ha! When I was a kid, it drove my mom crazy. She couldn't understand why I'd want to read more than one story at a time.

    Let me know if you like The Snow Child. It looks interesting.

    I just finished Days of Blood and Starlight. I'm still reading this collection of Little Red Riding Hood stories (that I can't remember the name of), Entwined, and I've just about finished reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to my kids. I keep eyeing The Life of Pi, though, so it's probably next.

    Happy Reading, Amy! :o)

  8. Oh - you're reading Eowyn's book? Isn't it great? She lives near me - our daughters are the same age and she's really, really great.

    Speaking of books, I just went to the library. Time to read! :)

  9. I can read any number of books at a time if all are NF except one. I really only want to read one novel at a time.

  10. So fun to see what others are reading. :) I am currently reading my CP's book for a critique session in a couple of weeks. Though I did just finish Book 1 of The Sisters 8. Interesting chapter book.